Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning Concert

I return to this tiny bit of reflection ... because I like the way that it makes me feel. Not a complicated formula for deciding ... and one that I smile at the consideration of. This post constitutes the 599th time that I have shared a posting with You, My ever-enduring Friend and Reader. (Next posting will be number 600 ... amazing!)

With the close of this day, I will be leaving the comforts of my Friends' lovely home, and returning to the far-less accommodating elements of my own dwelling place.

Many Folk take a holiday from their usual, and normal environment and go camping. I, in essence, camp all through the year. These past few days have constituted my holiday from the primitive style of my usual circumstances. I have luxuriated in hot running water ... a kitchen with full compliment of appliances for convenient cooking (AND a sink with running water ... RIGHT THERE! Cool!) I have enjoyed the accommodating convenience of a flushing toilet; windows with a wonderful view, in addition to the brilliance of sunlight; and NO traffic noise!! Wow! (My Place is situated on one of the busiest roadways in the county.) AND ... I have had the facility of a working computer. Hence, my communication with You, of late. And, as if all of that were not far more than enough ... my Darling Friends welcomed me to the use of their sweet little Honda Civic (and even left a gift card for gas!) [smile]

Yes indeed! This has been sweet!!

I do not know when I will be able to speak with You again. You can be sure that you will be actively occupying all of those wonderful places that are yours, in my Heart. When I can again access a computer, I will be back to you. Be certain of that! [loving smile]

All that said ... her is that little Bit that I spoke of earlier. I hope that it makes You, Dear One, feel good too.
I love You.

Morning Concert

The tacet eloquence of your eyes,

The gentle melody of your smile,

The tranquil harmonies of your spirit,

Orchestrate to greet me with …

A morning concert of ... YOU.


(29 October 04)
(revised 10 August 2009)

IMAGE: Through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,

Saturday, August 08, 2009


With considerable regularity, I hear my daughter’s frustrated (and irritated) voice, saying, in memory’s ‘ear,’ “Daaaa-d! Does everything have to mean something?!” Again today, as I watched the movie “Awakenings,” I heard that voice … as I considered the reasons underlying my intense emotional response, to the story, portrayed in the film. And, I know what it is all about.

For, you see, I have lived sixty-three years, in the constant practice of responding to my innate perception of the Inner Being, residing in all with whom I share life’s pathway. I have always had this acute awareness. It has never been an option or election. I just see and hear that Person … though the Individual may not be consciously aware of that Core Person, themselves. So, I find myself in frequent interaction with a “Someone” that may not be seen by or known to most of the world that I live in.

This explains how I genuinely love so many people with whom I have little (or nothing) in common. I simply love the Core that lives within the layers of exterior behaviors, beliefs, and preferences. Whilst watching this movie (that deals with the “awakening” of the inner person that physical malady has imprisoned within a group of hospital patients), I reflected on many of the individuals who I have welcomed into my life. I have preferences and tastes that are dramatically contrary to some of their political, musical, social, religious, culinary, and cultural elections … but none of that matters, in my intimacy, with the inner Being, that I choose to acknowledge … and respectfully (and with loving sincerity) speak to. I may (and often do) find that person to be "not so attractive" in their outer presentation. This matters not. What does, in fact, matter ... is the sense that I have ("Thank you, inner Voice and guiding Spirit") ... that I have an instant of "Welcome," that awaits my response. And I choose to respond in loving respect. And, don't you know, I see and feel an "Awakening" in that life. I do love “Awakening” that too-often neglected Soul. For me, it has been a way of living that is rich in many (though, oft, brief) moments of delight.

So, my Darling Reader, I find my Self answering my daughter’s biting question with a repeat of my original (many years ago) answer … Yes, Sweetheart, everything does, in fact, mean something. And you and I have the daily choice of discovering, and responding to that meaning … or ignoring the underlying meanings of life’s happenings. This is a matter of personal choice … and responsibility.”

And I continue to look fondly forward to my next opportunity to whisper a word, or share a gesture, that will encourage or inspire the awakening of someone’s “Better Angel.” This is the joy of my daily walk. And, just as is so poignantly presented in the wonderful story of Doctor Sayer’s experience … I accept the reality that is in the usual return to the state of unawareness and disconnect that I witness in so many of the lives that I am blessed with an opportunity to touch. Yet, just as is true of this remarkable Physician, I press on in my daily experiments with offering fresh and new injections of love and care into my world.

There! Now you see, with me, why this story touches me so deeply. Now we share in an understanding of that “meaning something” that resides, for my individual Spirit, in this story. I am glad that you have permitted me to share it with You. For (don’t you know) … I love all that is your too-easily un-acknowledged inner Beauty. That lovely … You.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

At Close of Day

I would ... in every instance ... affirm Life. And, in so doing, I reflect on Campbell's admonition to embrace Mortality itself ... which is to accept the fundamental Truth that lies in Mortality not only being the prime condition of life ... but, also, the underlying source of all suffering. To confront Mortality, is to dispense with all of that "hocus pocus" that breeds Fear and Uncertainty. I like living in that realm of mental, spiritual, and emotional Liberty.

I am ... We are ... Mortal. This is the foundation upon which all rests.With acceptance of ... and comfort with ... our mortality, we can, genuinely, begin our unfettered celebration of living. I find great comfort and assurance in this Truth.

(Can you believe that I am yet still in the 'Introduction' to The Power of Myth? All these years, since my first reading of this amazing work ... and I still find myself enchanted with nearly every phrase. Thank You, Patient Reader, for your forgiving company. [smile])

Monday, August 03, 2009

Lookie Who's Here!

Well, Hi there! ... my Darling Friend. [smile] It has been a little while since I have been able to be here with You. As my Precious Lime has been kind enough to let you know, my computer has gone to whatever place in Torment that is reserved for mechanisms that vex and test the character of those who rely on them.

So, Dear One, I speak with You from a physical Place that is some 30 minutes from my home. I am caring for Henry (one BIG baby of a pit-bull dog), and Billy (one devious, lightening quick, and totally cuddleable cat) at the home that they share with my Dear Friends, Dav and Heather (who are away for a couple of weeks ... in Iceland [Dav's homeland].) They graciously invited me to use their fancy-schmancy computer and to enjoy the tranquility of their lovely home whilst they are away. So here (as pictured) I am ... having my morning coffee and allowing the serenity of the view to do its work. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

If I may, I will be sharing, with You, my journal notes made whilst revisiting the Place of some of my most precious Beginnings ... the words of Joseph Campbell, as recorded by Bill Moyers, in The Power of Myth.

Sunday, 02 Aug 09

You and I ... we all respond to the symphony of Creation ...the undulations of nudging Influences.

Some choose to respond by situating themselves in a comfortable place that affords little jostling or engagement. Perhaps just letting the occasional "tapping" of their "emotional toe" suffices as a means of acknowledging Life's underlying "soundtrack."

Others of us welcome the music of The Intimate, and permit it to be demonstrated through our very Being ... some in ritualized formalities of ordered and structured "ball-room steps" ... elegant and inspiring ... while some lean to the interpretive forms of expression that give free-spirited declaration of their inspirations. And there are (of course) all manner and degree of varieties between and around those extremes.

What is universally unavoidable is ... response. Maybe hardened entrenchment in a marching cadence that unwaveringly dictates each daily decision, direction, and debate. Or, perhaps, some primal and unstructured willingness to follow the lead of The Muse's faint whisperings ... accompanied by the insistent throbbing of a muted "drum." But, in whatever way, and to whatever extreme of perceived "music", each and all of us do make those choices ... we all respond in some way. Life does not permit deafness to its summoning symphony.

Monday, 03 Aug 09

I am, forever, indebted to Joseph Campbell for his redirecting of my Spirit's focus ... from its earlier search for life's meaning ... to its present search for the complete experience of living life.

I never was satisfied with sticking labels of social, religious, or political propriety on containerized pieces of my life. It has always been my desire to know and savour the content and quality of each Moment's experience ... with complete disregard for the labels that those around me would want to affix.

Content ... not Image ... has always been my thirst. When engaging in the presentation of an image, or parading a role, it was always for the purpose of gaining access to that treasured Place of comfort and welcome, that would allow an intimate and meaningful exchange. I discount the playing of a role, and/or presentation of an image, as "dues to be paid" for admission to that sacred place of intimate Being.

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