Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Getting Away... Far, Far Away!

You have, since 13 December, seen no postings here... because I had no access to a computer whilst in hospital combatting a "staph" infection that (in a matter of a few days) went from a small insect bite to involving my entire abdomen. The monster's name is METHICILLIN RESISTANT STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS but is referred to as MRSA (pronounced mersa) by the medical specialists. I will have much to say, in coming months, about the health care industry as a result... quite an education! But, for the moment, I just need to "get away" from it all and invite you to join me (courtesy of Jon Sullivan's skills and talent as a photographer) in my escape.

My need for getting away is further heightened by the response that I received from one of the management members at the Tampa Tribune (who I have delivered newspapers for for the past 18 plus years without a day missed [365 each year]) to thank them for my supervisor's attendance to delivering the paper on my route and his reassurances that all was well and my only concern needed be for improving my health. The response from the management person was, quite simply "that route is no longer in your name... it is someone else's route now." As you can imagine... this occurance gives rise for an immediate need for emotional and spiritual respite.

IMAGES through the gracious courtesy of Jon Sullivan,

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