Monday, February 22, 2010


Mom and I shared a Pizza, last Saturday night, as we enjoyed the Winter Olympics together. She lives less than 10 minutes from Dav and Heather's home in Land-O-Lakes (14 miles North of my cottage.) Thanks to the lovely generosity of D&H, I have the use of their sweet little Honda Civic whilst I am Home/Pet sitting for them. Hence the nightly visits with Mom over the past 4 nights.

"So," you may ask, "what has any of this to do with 'Breakfast'?" Well, my Dear Friend, here 'tis. Let your mind conjure an image of a skillet warming on the stove at 'medium-high' heat ... a nice splash of extra-virgin olive oil and a pat of unsalted butter getting to know each other, on an intimate basis, therein ... the toppings (Italian sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, tomato sauce, cheeses, and peppers) from a slice of the aforementioned pizza scraped from their pizza crust ... into the now-sizzling pan ... and 2 lovely eggs broken over the entirety.

All, of this, heating, blending, and emitting aromas that would enchant the Angels on high ... whilst the eggs cook to a nice soft-scramble. Then, from the toaster-oven, the now-crispy pizza crust is placed on a plate and has its topping-companions reintroduced to it. Taa-Daa! Breakfast. [happy grin]

PS: How is this for a View? (from D&H's back yard ... over which I look as I enjoy Breakfast on the patio shown in earlier photos.) Ahhhh!

I bid You, My Darling Reader, the very best of days ('cause I am thinking about how much I love You ... Yes I Am!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Place for Our Mind to Dwell

I had a lengthy chat with One who is very dear and precious to me. This lovely Being was vexed by a 'Friend's insistence on constantly bringing up names and incidents that have hurtful and unhappy histories attached to them.

How do I explain to this darling One the fact that ...
Some choose to dwell ...

... when, with the same effort, they could be ...

They elect ...

over ...

Yes! I know. It seems incomprehensible (at best)
that with ...

served up and ready ...

There are folks who prefer to focus on ...

As you can guess, I will be addressing this topic
(at some greater length)
in a Post, to follow.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


by Michael Fry and T Lewis

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Under the "Take a Moment Tree"

Today, I am drawn to the subject, yet again. So, come … please join me, here, under the “Take a Moment Tree” … and I will share with You, Dear Reader, what this matter of “Accountability” means to me.

I am accountable to Life for the answer to THE big question ... namely, “How good a job did you do, and/or are you doing, at BEing John-Michael?" Not, “What titles did you hold?” nor "What roles did you play?” nor "What offices did you fill?" No question of "How much?" of anything, will determine the success of my short while on this earth. Just "How did you respond to, and use, that unique Treasure (including its particular set of gifts) that is the individual Design, by which you were lovingly created?”

That is the scale upon which I am weighed, day by day, and through eternity. So I am compelled to respond, without reservation, to each opportunity served to me each day in the knowledge that all things are under the control of the Creator of it all. And each, of those opportunities, has a purpose. I do not want to disappoint my Self ... deprive that Person... or lessen the value of that experience, by withholding any part of Me, from each moment.

For example, there was the occasion when I pulled over to the curb and exchanged salutations with the lady who was walking her dog in the early-morning, before-preparation-for-work, pre-dawn stillness. (This is the time that folks are accustomed to seeing the newspaper delivery guy [me] who had [at the time of this happening] been there every day for the prior fifteen years.) We shared comments about now-forgotten things, and then (in response to the urging of my "Still, Small, Inner Voice") I said something like "Please forgive my intrusion, but I detect, in your tone, an obvious lack of enthusiasm for the job that you plan to engage yourself in today."

This is the moment when Life rewards my courage with an affirmation that I have ventured onto "prepared soil". The lady began to unreservedly reveal her unhappiness with both of the jobs that she felt herself trapped into. Like so many today, her economic requirements necessitated her working more than one job and, like many, if not most, she found no satisfaction in either of hers.

I then revealed to her the possibilities available through career counseling and gave her some examples of successes that I have known personally. I explained the functions of some of the testing tools available, to assist in evaluating one’s preferences, proclivities, talents, and individually innate inclinations … and illustrated the ways in which the test results can be translated into a satisfying and even enjoyable career.

Some months later, in response to my passing wave, she stopped me and told me that she had decided to follow through on researching options for herself. Still many months later, I saw a "U-Haul" trailer in the street with several people engaged in the never-enviable task of moving-day labor. To my surprise, the lady flagged me down (I didn’t even know that she lived there) and announced "I took your advice. As a result of the testing and counseling that I pursued, I am (as you can plainly see) moving to a new location to begin a new career that is the fulfillment of my dreams. Thank you for your advice. You gave me encouragement, hope, and a plan"

I went my way and she hers without even knowing each other's names. All that matters is that I gave Life an opportunity to let that young lady know that there was a waiting and ready potential for something special for her life. And all that was required of me was the willingness to allow Life to use the experience and knowledge acquired over my personal life-walk, and offer it to this person who was both ready for it, and receptive to it. Her life was transformed ... and I am forever blessed.

So, you see, My Dear Friend, willingness, availability, and receptiveness are the only requirements for us to be of immediate and tangible service to that world that is all around each of us ... moment by moment, through each day that is given to us. And in participating in these opportunities, we can make our world a bit better ... person by person ... experience by experience ... you and I … living in loving sensitivity, to our own personal world, can change life for the better.

I invite you to be bold, open, and alive in the moments of your life. And, as we look into each of our personal, intimate, and private "mirrors" of reflection, we can know that we have responded appropriately to those gifts presented to us by Life. In those fleeting opportunities that were given to us ... that we responded to Life’s summons to Be that unique individual that was needed in that fleeting moment. And that we embraced our personal calling for or own Accountability ... to ourselves ... to that other Soul ... and to Life.

Please trust me ... it’s great fun!

IMAGE: Through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Moment of 'Illumination' ... on Significance

As I observed the husband, who had allowed himself to become completely unattractive (through obvious absence of personal care), focusing, with intense care, on the removal of a minuscule spot of dirt from his shiny new ‘four-by-four,’ deluxe edition, pickup truck … as his wife totally ignored him to the same degree that he was oblivious to her … the thought came to me …
“When we become Insignificant to our ‘Significant Other,’ it is altogether likely that we will shift focus away from him/her ...To some-One, or some-Thing, in whom, or in which, we will find some measure of compensating Validation to satisfy our innately human need for significance.”
Which raised, for me, the personal question: “When did you shift your focus to Friends, hobby, Lovers, and/or business, social, or religious Activities, as your Source, for validation of your individual significance?” And the flood of memories began.

IMAGE: Through the gracious courtesy of Jon Sullivan,
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