Friday, May 29, 2009

A Coffee-House Moment

I was, at first, allowing my mind
to escape to a fanciful Forest.
Then, I began to sense visitations
By the Forest’s Gifts … all about me.

Might that happy gurgling
be born of a tiny creek ...
or from a small Child’s voice,
does that giggling abound?

Are these furtive glances
from birds flitting about me?
Or the peeking of Children,
with curiosity stirred?

That outburst could as well be
from a squirrel, announcing its domain …
as the Child’s proud announcement
of a coloring or drawing made right.

I could as easily be responding
to a Fawn’s gentle gaze …
as stilled by Child’s wonderment
at a strange Man writing … deep in thought.

Delight knows no distinction
‘tween Coffee House and Forest.
When the source of rapture
is unbridled Innocence.

Hence, I thank Life for the Gift
of a Coffee-House Moment with children,
as Mums chatter and visit …
keeping a loving watch, quite near.

Joy, known in this Moment, is equal
to any visit with Meadow or Glade.
My Spirit; my Being, is transported
from fancied Bliss, to a present Delight.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Love Storms

Love Storms

Seizing, testing, and tearing,
at the togetherness of his Heart's Vessel …
The sudden, unbidden storm of cyclonic passion,
unleashes its awesome powers.
While the wizened and weathered Sailor,
thrills at this new challenge.
His readiness and responses, to the furious encounter,
tell of Storms, well-known, before.

For him, ‘tis but an awakening,
of long-dormant Senses.
He thrills, in his celebration,
of this rush, of uncommon energies, and Might.
All made richer by his seasoned ability,
to understand; to accept; to welcome.
For he knows ‘tis nothing but a passing gale …
a magnificent gift of Nature.

Yet ... he relishes that wistful dream,
of distant trade-winds of constancy;
reliable breezes ... prevailing forces ...
that maintain a pleasant voyage.
Thus he sails on … enjoying the breath,
of Friendships that sustain;
The occasional gust, of Camaraderie …
a sweet puff, of Congeniality.

Keeping, all the while, his sailing skills sharpened …
his ship in readiness;
For that anticipated, unknown, yet expected,
eruption of Love’s powers.
And he smiles, the smile of One,
who never abandons his yearning …
To sail, into life’s sunset-painted horizon,
with sails billowing,
Filled to Desire's capacity ... swelled with satisfactions …
imparted by, the still unknown ... Her.


03 March 2008
Revised 25 May 2009

Cozy Lair

Shhhhh! 'Tis best that we but whisper,
in this newly discovered place.

This place of organic fragrances,
that speak of seasons past.

A place that embraces and invites us ...
To huddle in quiet peacefulness.

Secrecy must be maintained …
lest this nest of privacy be spoiled.

So, My Dear, let us burrow into the warmth,
of these secluded surroundings.

And allow all, that is without, to pass us by …
unaware of our Cozy Lair.

IMAGE: Samantha Hill, BBC News

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life's Hidden Streams ... Shared

As I listened to Philip Glass speak (during a PBS presentation of the American Masters Series), of Music as being an ever-present River, that flows beneath our feet … awaiting our willingness to listen … I enjoyed an Awareness of a personal relationship to the Image.

It was in the year 1967, and I (as a 21 year-old new recruit to the Field-Engineering Department, of our local Electric Utility Company), was being introduced to some of the rudiments of our Department’s responsibilities. The Man, taking on this orientation, was a Gentleman who I would come to admire, respect, and, indeed, love, as a Friend, as well as my new Boss. We drove into a housing development under construction … stopped at a freshly paved intersection, amongst bare Lots awaiting their homes-to-be … and alighted from our vehicle.

Lloyd S. Wood (the afore-mentioned ‘Boss’), described how we were to place a wooden stake into the earth, in the exact spot that a construction crew was to install a power pole. He then did something that has stayed with me all of these ensuing years. He removed two lengths of ordinary, copper wire, from the trunk of the car … bent each into an “L” shape … held each in a manner that extended the longer portion of the “L” out in front of him … and commenced walking toward the edge of the right-of-way. The wires began moving. They crossed, into a perfect “X.” Then as he progressed … they returned to their original “straight ahead” placement … all by themselves. Lloyd backed up a step or two. The wires, again, crossed … and then resumed their “straight ahead” pointing, as he proceeded backward. He then turned and said, “Where the wires crossed, is where there are underground pipes or cables. We want to be sure to place the stake, that we drive into the earth, far enough from that “X” point, to ensure that the Crew, drilling the hole for the Pole, will not drill into the buried Utility Cables or Pipes. I was mesmerized.

He then gave the two wires to me, and instructed me in the manner in which they were to be held … I walked (in the same manner that I had just seen him walk) … and ‘Lo and Behold!,’ I experienced the exact same result. On our trip back to the Office, Lloyd told me how he had used that method to locate the best spot for drilling a Well for supplying his home with water. He told me how he had struck an underground stream (located by the “X” method) on the Well-Driller’s first try. “Best water in the neighborhood!” he proudly declared.

Some years later, whilst at an evening’s gathering of Friends, I posed a question, as to the reasons for the “wire crossing” phenomenon, to one of our group. With him being a Engineer (working in the field of nuclear power plant design) I assumed that his training, and education, would equip him to be able to tell me how, and why, it happened. To my surprise, he challenged me with an “Impossible!” declaration. As You can imagine, I asked our host for two, wire, coat-hangers … formed the requisite “L”’s … led a Parade, of all of the attending males, into our Host’s front yard … and … TaaDaa! … demonstrated the location of the buried water pipe, sewer line, and telephone cable. All of these were confirmed by our Host.

This Groups ultimate refusal to allow the simple Reality of what they had experienced with those silly little wires, was brought back to mind when I read of Anthony Campolo’s colleagues’ dismissal of an experience that he related to them. Here they were, hearing from the lips of a renowned Scholar, Scientist, Academician, Teacher, and Peer, the story of his encounter with spiritual happenings, demonstrating a direct influence on the physiological, and totally tangible, Being of a young lad … and they couldn’t bring themselves to accept any of what was offered. Instead, they, as a group, declared that what Campolo had presented was “outside of the bounds of accepted Doctrinal Parameters.” It was Doctor Campolo’s suggestion that perhaps, they might (inasmuch as they all were part of a Body of Scholars, Learners, and Intellectuals, who not only spent their lives teaching and instructing young minds in their particular theological themes … but were intelligent and learned Individuals as well), consider modifying the defining borders of their respective “Boxes of Theological and Doctrinal Parameters, to include irrefutable Truths demonstrated and given in Evidence as newly presented Facts.” Alas, they simply could not (or would not) subject themselves to such an uncomfortable proposition.

While I do, genuinely, respect and accept the rights of All to elect their own modes of Being, I have embraced, as my personal choice, a sense of responsibility, for making available whatever little Insights, Thoughts, Experiences, or Ideas I have been privileged to discover … my life’s particular little Streams of unseen, but genuinely validated, aspects of Life. In so doing, I allow each Individual, whose path in life intersects with mine, the lovely freedom of choice. It is my conviction that a fuller life-experience can be enjoyed if (as is true with any buffet-presentation of a variety of choices), One knows the opportunity to sample, try, test, or “taste” from as inclusive a selection of options as possible. Hence, in Philips Glass’s terms, I offer my Awareness of underlying streams of Love, Respect, Intimacy, Engagement, and whatever other elements of living I find … to all who welcome me.

Just as the Engineer, and the Others in the that evening's group, chose to dismiss the Reality of those crossed bits of wire … I know (from many years and encounters) that there are many who prefer the solid, certain, and easily defined “Ground” of a dry, barren, and unfriendly life-path, over the option of an embraced awareness of what are the undefined, uncertain, uncontrollable, and freely flowing streams of cooling, refreshing, invigorating Affections, Involvements, and, yes, even Vulnerabilities, that flow beneath their feet, in their walk through life. I have validated the legitimacy of differing temperaments and personalities that are threatened and made uneasy with such considerations … so I lovingly respect their election to assume a place of comfort, that disallows any Threat (present in those unfamiliar aspects of life) that would “destabilize” their chosen world of awareness. But I do take every opportunity to give everyone the choices.

So, My Darling Reader, I find myself following in the lovely steps of Lloyd S. Wood, Philip Glass, Anthony Campolo, Ann Kiemel, Joseph Campbell, Leo Buscaglia, and many Others who have touched my Life, inspired my Spirit, stimulated my Mind, engaged my Soul, and made better my Days … by excitedly and enthusiastically pointing out both the tiny trickles of Truth and Beauty; and surging Rivers of Present, and Eternal Truths and Realities ... each, and all, making my personal Walk richer and more delightful every day. I do hope that You too, will share Life’s Treasures with all who bless your pilgrimage … and with me as well!

[loving smile]

(PS … Because of my love, and appreciation, of Who he is … I phoned Lloyd Wood, a few days ago, to let him know how I feel about him and his effect on my Being. He is doing well … has retired from the Engineering field … is now ninety years of age … and still commands his indomitable wit, and gracious hospitality of Spirit. I promised him a copy of this bit of reflection … and will mail the same to his Love and Pride … his Daughter. I want her to know of how yet-another ripple, of her Daddy’s Influence, has touched Another in Life’s pond.)

Monday, May 11, 2009


I do enjoy the Realization (frequently reinforced and freshened), that Beauty is without bounds, limits, or confines. I also enjoy sharing it with You. [smile]

This image has been released by NASA as the last "pretty" image made by the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2.
The image made May 4, 2009 is of the planetary nebula known as Kohoutek 4-55.

Friday, May 08, 2009

In Little, Tiny, Ways

I received, so very long ago, a plea from a Friend who was burdened and feeling overwhelmed by the immensity of Mankind’s currently demonstrated disregard for others. The meanness, cruelty, and abuse reflected in the news was discouraging her heart. “What hope is there? How can we make any difference?” her wounded spirit cried. So, today, I offer these two snippets, from my own past, as demonstration of some simple, easy, and readily available ways, in which we can reach out to the world that lives so closely with us.

My sensitivity, to this matter of Opportunities, in my immediate Personal World, came into play that day that I entered an elevator, in one of the up-scale office towers, in the mid-town business district. There amid an assembled group of up-and-coming ‘corporate wannabes’ was an elderly gentleman of very slight physical stature who (in contrast to the group of “G.Q. - Trendies" parading their fine “haberdasherie") was quite obviously “off the rack.” It was immediately obvious that the man was more than a little uncomfortable in these surroundings, and I was acutely aware of his discomfort. To add to the dynamic, the group around him were all much taller than he and looked down at him with more than just a physical air of disdain.

“Please forgive my intrusion, my friend” I began, (I love the gift, of this means of introduction … [Thank you Leo Buscaglia]) “but, if you will allow my intrusion, you are only one small adjustment from being perfectly tailored.” I then reached over without a moment’s hesitation and (as though I did this sort of thing as a routine matter) turned down the standing collar, on the back of the neck, of his (what was, in all likelihood, 'Sunday and Funeral intended') suit. After smoothing the wrinkles away, I declared “There you are Sir, quite dapper. And, if I may say so myself, perfectly ready to enjoy your lunch.” (For the elevator was on its way to the top-floor (Private Club [which, no doubt, added to his discomfort]) Restaurant.) The Gentleman looked up at me and said (to the accompaniment of the warmest and most gentle eyes imaginable) “You are from around here, aren’t you?” Knowing that he was trying to communicate, a felt sense of community, with me, I responded “Yes sir, you and I are a couple of Local Folk, and I am happy to know you.” He responded with a smile, and as he exited the elevator (exuding a newly-found sense of confidence and belonging) bade me a "good day." And it was, indeed, a good day.

In that same building, there was (across the opulent atrium, and at the top of the expansive bank of entrance escalators) a desk, for the use of the building’s Concierge. At this desk a young woman fulfilled the role of attending to the needs (some real, but far too many supposed) of all coming to that place to conduct business. Day after day I had observed this young Woman, as she greeted each passing person, with a genuine smile, that never wavered, nor faltered, no matter the lateness of the hour, or the crush of the masses.

Many were the times when I exited that 'conveyor belt' of Humanity to have my spirits lifted by her gracious “Hello.” Then, one day, for no particular reason, that I can now recall, that 'Little Voice' (within my spirit) said “She needs encouragement today.” No further discussion was required.

To the Floral Shop (around the corner from the Concierge Desk) I went. Having secured a small bouquet, I attached a Card, upon which I wrote a note, expressing my appreciation for her uplifting, and encouraging contributions, to my daily work life, and with a “Please forgive my intrusion” I delivered it to her and promptly took my leave. I have no idea what matters she was dealing with that day. There could have been any of innumerable difficulties that she was confronting, or none at all. The point is that none of that was my business. Mine was only the responsibility (to that Power that spoke to me) to reach out, in love ... in a caring, human, but unassuming manner. Herein lies the core of my addressing the World made available to me, with my own, intimate, and honest, Personal Voice ... as I have discovered it ... and learned to use it.

In any number of the smallest of ways, You ... and I ... and Love ... can change our world. You just wait. Just watch. You will see. We can do this thing! (And it is so much fun in the doing!) [Loving, Encouraging Smile]

IMAGES: Through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,

What Do You Want?

I was , a while ago, asked by a new friend (as she she sought to discover just who I am), "What do you want?" 'Twas a very fair and honorable question. In fact, a question that recommend, to You, Dear Reader, as a comforting and refreshing exercise ... this asking of your Self, "What do I want?" To my Inquisitor, I responded with an Email, containing the little summary, that I now share, with you.

I share it with you, because it occurs to me, that we could have a delightful time, allowing ourselves to get to know ourselves better ... and enjoy, and thereby, ourselves even better ... if we were to candidly examine our first "knee-jerk" reactions, to that very fundamental question.

Because I have found that by listening to someone else, discussing their inner inclinations and appetites, I become easily engaged in reflections of my own ...
I submit my bit of a response ... and encourage you to do what I did, that morning. Perhaps, you will feel inclined to make some mental note of, or jot down, your own spirit's reflexive responses, to the question.

Hence, ... what I want is ...

INTIMACY ... in thoughts, ideas, conversation, feelings, and shared activities.

CHILDREN ... Their sounds, curiosity, silliness, struggles, laughter, and hugs. To know their sense of security and comfort in the bosom of my presence and care.

TOUCHING ... Fingertips, arms, face, neck ... freely, often, comfortably, gently, appreciatively, and spontaneously.

KNOWING SMILES ... Private, quiet, random, filled with meaning and fun, lingering and savored.




And as the song goes ... "These are a few of my favorite things."

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Expressions Of Wonder

"When did we first try to express our sense of wonder?"

I don't know, it has been a while now.

"What brand and variety of Faith or belief System was it?"

I don't think that there were any Franchises established yet.

It was just between Us and the The Source.

IMAGE is the united Talent and Generosity of Jon Sullivan,

Sunday, May 03, 2009

"When We Meet" (by request)

When We Meet

I’ll not meet you side the highway,
Nor in the halls of commerce,

Where serenity and quiet,

Have no home … nor can be found.

I’ll reserve for us a table,

With a window on the Bayside.

Softly draped, with cloth of linen,
Weaved by noble Peasant hand.

We will sup with wine by locals.

Label known not to the merchant.

We will dine on fare from labours,

Of attentive, gentle care.

We'll be slow about our speaking.

Of each other we are learning.

Of each other are becoming,

More as One ... no more, the Twain.

We are learning, and accepting,

All that is our inner Beings.

All within us … all that makes us …

All defining who we are.

Can we cling to, save, this moment?

Can we hold it to our bosom?

Will it nurture and uphold us?

When our outside worlds, we face?

‘Tis most certain that we cannot.

For life’s swirling all about us.

This, the fledgling bond between us …

Life would pull and tear apart.

So please meet me, ere you wander,

In your busy life and duty,

At our table … by that window.

Where our Union knits, once more.


25 February 2008
Revised & Retitled 3 May 2009

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