Monday, October 15, 2007

Beneath the Surface

As you begin this new week ... please allow me to challenge you to slow yourself ... take a healthy, cleansing breath ... and go just a bit beneath the surface of the experiences offered to you by Life this week.
For, My Dear Reader, I promise you that there is beauty and exquisite wonder beneath that superficial conversation ... that surface phone call ... that exchange with co-worker, family member, neighbor, or friend. If you will but simply relax for a moment ... and permit yourself to drift with the current of the instant and discover the wonder that lies just beneath the surface of your life's fleeting happenings.

I am anxious to hear, from You, about the treasures that you find as you enjoy this exercise.

These IMAGES are from the BBC's presentation of winners of a photo competition sponsored by the conservation group Reef Check … celebrating special life forms found on Australia’s coral reefs. The UPPER IMAGE is by John Natoli, and the LOWER IMAGE by Justin Gilligan


Anonymous said...

Today I'm thinking about how 24 years ago I married a very special man. One who brings me great joy, love and laughter, sometimes sadness, sometimes anger, and exasperates me to no end upon occasion. But life has never been dull while being his wife and I wouldn't have it any other way.

John-Michael said...

Now ... there you have a lovely illustration of "exploring the depths” of a relationship gift. I am grateful for your trust and candor in sharing it. Thank You!

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