Monday, November 05, 2007


My life pathway occasionally intersects that of a person who has touched my core … and my soul aches for her. For, what I hear from her is a crying Spirit that is lost … and I am intimately familiar with that pain. Whilst my miseries are something of my past, the awareness of feeling as an Alien in my personal world is forever fresh. Thusly, I am doing the only thing that I can for this young woman … I am telling her, here, that she is known … she is heard … and she is loved. And she is, above all, not alone.


An alien to all that constitutes her environment …
Wanting … no, Needing to find a place of comfort …
Plagued by her exceptional capacities carried within her notable qualities,
She cannot naturally meld into the safety of obscure anonymity.

So she must camouflage herself with defacements common to the others,
Assume the language and behaviors that conceal her innate endowments,
And avoid any challenges to the legitimacy of her portrayal …
Most importantly, challenges borne of her own awareness.

Unknown to her, the others find validation for their behaviors,
In her degradation of her appearance and demeanor.
For they all see the extraordinary gifts that are naturally hers,
Making their shared cycles of mimicry for comfort, an endless waste.

Only in those still, lone, and quiet moments of painful reflection,
Does she find herself confronted with unidentified frustrations,
As dissatisfaction, and Self loathing drive her to Self punishment.
Inflicting wounds … tangible, real, and knowable … for all else is too dark and unknowable … while these are accepted as deserved flagellations.


Anonymous said...

This so spoke to me
Made me want to cry
But to do so is something not allowed For I must be strong
No place of comfort for me
Just a cup of alien tea

John-Michael said...

Thank you, Dear Friend, for the compliment of your Email message ... for now, perhaps, you can know some comfort in a caring Friend who unreservedly does love, and care for you. I will be a constant presence ... and in frequent touch. As I thank Life for our meeting.

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