Monday, December 08, 2008

Life Sculpture

a poem

George Washington Doane

( Born 27 May 1799; died 27 April 1859 )

Chisel in hand stood a sculpture boy
With his marble stock before him,
And his eyes lit up with a smile of joy,
As an angel-dream passed o'er him.

He carved the dream on that shapeless stone,
With many a sharp incision;
With heaven's own light the sculpture shone, ...
He'd caught that angel-vision.

Children of life are we, as we stand
With our lives uncarved before us,
Waiting the hour when, at God's command,
Our life-dream shall pass o'er us.

If we carve it then on the yielding stone,
With many a sharp incision,
Its heavenly beauty shall be our own, ...
Our lives, that angel-vision.

In response to the 'comment' (see below, right) of my Dear (and very insightful) Friend, 'Lime,' I gave this work some additional consideration. And to free the fuller, potential beauty, that lies within the metaphorical message of this sweet poem ... I offer these thoughts.

While it is so true that some of my most non-compliant characteristics require the severe application of Life's lessons ... that would be akin to the chiseled blows of the stone sculptor ... I am ever-so grateful for the majority, of my life-experience, that is far more in harmony with the creative forces, of the Painter or Sculptor who works with the more-malleable clay.

To have experiences applied to my development with the soft strokes of Life's lovingly applied brush-stroke, is a joy that I eagerly anticipate as I rest in the assurance that the canvas of my Being is taking on a continually improved and more satisfying presence. And to sense the addition of an insight or perspective, as a fresh bit of clay ... to have it tenderly and confidently applied to my willingly submitted form, as I choose to accept its modification of my previous Self ... in complete faith in the generous intent of The Creator ... is always an exciting new adventure.

Thus, when those less-compliant elements of my more-rigid Self require the well-aimed stroke of an occasional chisel blow ... I know that the unfolding work of Life's Designer is always directed toward that 'angel-dream' that will be the Masterpiece of my completed life. It is to this end that I willingly submit my Self to all of Life's artful workings.

I do hope that my little contribution, in no way lessens the impact of this lovely bit of poetry ... but will, instead, allow You, My Darling Reader, to enjoy a more satisfactory enjoyment of it.


lime said...

so long as we don't shy away from the blows...

Suldog said...

Quite the food for thought. As Lime said, we need to take the blows. I'm of the firm conviction that all ALWAYS works for the best, but I still have trouble accepting some of the chisel strokes :-)

John-Michael said...

I love your reflection on this little poem, My Darling Lime ... to the degree that I pondered it and will add my thoughts to the post. I thank you in two-fold part. First, for the sweet beauty of that wonderful Creation that you are so courageously allowing your Self to become. And secondly, for your generous hospitality in allowing me to share in your unfolding. I love You.

John-Michael said...

You, My Dearest Friend (and I mean every letter of that Truth), SulDog, have already become a Work that delights, encourages, and gives solace and comfort. To think of the wonder of that marvel that will be the even-more-complete You, is a consideration that gives immense pleasure.

I love Ya, Jim...

nitebyrd said...

Your words always enhance, they never detract.

John-Michael said...

Your tender words, guided by your lovely Spirit, are always as welcome and longed for as those referenced 'brush strokes,' My Dearest NiteByrd. How I do treasure each of our shared exchanges! For I have grown to know this sweet love and friendship, that we enjoy, as one of my most revered blessings. Thank You!

Lovingly ...

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