Monday, July 27, 2009

Note from Lime

Greetings all,

John-Michael contacted me this evening and asked that I make this post. His current absence from online life is due to a crash of his computer. He was concerned that there may be those who were afraid he was neglecting them or that some serious problem had befallen him personally. He will be back as soon as the stone is rolled away from the tomb in which his poor computer is now interred. In the meantime, he encourages us to watch the southern sky for smoke signals.

If anyone wishes to leave a message for John-Michael, I will see that it reaches him

As a messenger of his love for you all,



Alaine said...

Thankyou, Lime, you are kind posting for John Michael. My best wishes and here's hoping his mouse is back in action very soon!

nitebyrd said...

Give him my love and prayers to the geek gods that his computer will be well soon! Thank you, Lime. :)

lime said...

alaine and nitebyrd, he seems to be making some progress on the resurrection but it's not quite there yet. he thanks you both for your well-wishes.

Jun Bullan said...

He he will come back the soonest.
Lime, you must a great friend of John Michael.

Suza said...

"Though Hope once sprang Eternal,
Microsoft reigns Infernal,
The Frustrations have gone Internal,
And I'm Fighting the urge to Burn all.

Though I have invested in excess of 90 HOURS (over the last week) in my attempts to duplicate Lazarus's Death Defiance, the imminent demise of my %(#&$@#)* excuse for a computer seems unavoidable. Discouraged?! Damn Right!!! But your Good Wishes buoy my Spirits.

I Love You Each and All, and that ain't Virtual, that's a Fact."

John-Michael through Suza

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