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With considerable regularity, I hear my daughter’s frustrated (and irritated) voice, saying, in memory’s ‘ear,’ “Daaaa-d! Does everything have to mean something?!” Again today, as I watched the movie “Awakenings,” I heard that voice … as I considered the reasons underlying my intense emotional response, to the story, portrayed in the film. And, I know what it is all about.

For, you see, I have lived sixty-three years, in the constant practice of responding to my innate perception of the Inner Being, residing in all with whom I share life’s pathway. I have always had this acute awareness. It has never been an option or election. I just see and hear that Person … though the Individual may not be consciously aware of that Core Person, themselves. So, I find myself in frequent interaction with a “Someone” that may not be seen by or known to most of the world that I live in.

This explains how I genuinely love so many people with whom I have little (or nothing) in common. I simply love the Core that lives within the layers of exterior behaviors, beliefs, and preferences. Whilst watching this movie (that deals with the “awakening” of the inner person that physical malady has imprisoned within a group of hospital patients), I reflected on many of the individuals who I have welcomed into my life. I have preferences and tastes that are dramatically contrary to some of their political, musical, social, religious, culinary, and cultural elections … but none of that matters, in my intimacy, with the inner Being, that I choose to acknowledge … and respectfully (and with loving sincerity) speak to. I may (and often do) find that person to be "not so attractive" in their outer presentation. This matters not. What does, in fact, matter ... is the sense that I have ("Thank you, inner Voice and guiding Spirit") ... that I have an instant of "Welcome," that awaits my response. And I choose to respond in loving respect. And, don't you know, I see and feel an "Awakening" in that life. I do love “Awakening” that too-often neglected Soul. For me, it has been a way of living that is rich in many (though, oft, brief) moments of delight.

So, my Darling Reader, I find my Self answering my daughter’s biting question with a repeat of my original (many years ago) answer … Yes, Sweetheart, everything does, in fact, mean something. And you and I have the daily choice of discovering, and responding to that meaning … or ignoring the underlying meanings of life’s happenings. This is a matter of personal choice … and responsibility.”

And I continue to look fondly forward to my next opportunity to whisper a word, or share a gesture, that will encourage or inspire the awakening of someone’s “Better Angel.” This is the joy of my daily walk. And, just as is so poignantly presented in the wonderful story of Doctor Sayer’s experience … I accept the reality that is in the usual return to the state of unawareness and disconnect that I witness in so many of the lives that I am blessed with an opportunity to touch. Yet, just as is true of this remarkable Physician, I press on in my daily experiments with offering fresh and new injections of love and care into my world.

There! Now you see, with me, why this story touches me so deeply. Now we share in an understanding of that “meaning something” that resides, for my individual Spirit, in this story. I am glad that you have permitted me to share it with You. For (don’t you know) … I love all that is your too-easily un-acknowledged inner Beauty. That lovely … You.


Laura said...

Namaste... John-Michael,
your blog reminds me of my many friends... I work in a nursing home and have met many people that are in the final stages of Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons and so forth...and the list goes on and on. These people are some of the hardest and yet most rewarding to work with. They can rarely communicate appropriate information to you and I have definitely expanded my ability to decipher so many differing forms of communication/languages...some times they are present in the moment...sometimes in the past...sometimes scared for no apparent reason...and so on. They can exhibit agressive, timidness, sexual inappropriateness, childlike, fearful and a multitude of other behaviors for many different reasons. I have found that the details are so important...body language, posture, tone of voice, and most importantly for me...being present in the moment and seeing the person underneath and inside of all the outer stuff. Looking a person gently in the eye and listening while holding a hand does wonders for most ...but it is also knowing intuitively what each individual moment and person feel, safe, loved and listened too. I so enjoy my career and don't feel like I work... because on most days my med cart is surrounded by very interested, calm, loving dementia patients...all waiting for a hug, kiss, touch or to tell me some important news...and they always seem to "know" me and respond.
the movie Awakenings...always reminds me of my many friends and companions...waiting for me to arrive and renew our acquaintance.
Love and Light, Laura

John-Michael said...

Such beautiful expression of Life's loving Grace, You, My Darling Laura, are. To be welcomed by your Presence, whenever, at whatever level, and for however long each and every one of those Persons' moment of awakening is ... demonstrates the wonder and lovely generosity of Life's provision for us. You, Dear Precious One, are allowing your truest and most genuine Self to know and respond to that unadorned Being that may well have never before been recognized and appreciated. How marvelous!

I applaud You, My Darling Friend, and love You at an even more substantial depth than I have before. I thank You for allowing me to know more of ... You. [smile]

Jun Bullan said...

Oh what a nice post John-Michael.
Indeed inside each person is a Core - a beautiful being made of love and for love.

I must admit that too often I forget this simple truth.

Thank you so much for reminding me to love each person I meet because inside that person is the CORE which is actually a part of me.

John-Michael said...

I smile, Dear Jun Bullan, in the comforting warmth of recollections of Leo Buscaglia,s Voice ... inviting us all to welcome the Core of Love that resides in each of us. And, Dear Friend, I thank You for stirring and making fresh and new that Voice, in my Heart, today. [smile]

I bid You the most blessed of days ... accompanied by sonnets of pleasant murmurings and sweet whispers.

Lovingly ...

lime said...

your connection of this film and dr. sayer's unlocking of the prison so his patients could express all they had inside reminds me so much of the experience i had working at the special ed camp so many years ago and why i so much enjoyed working with the kids who had CP. all these eyes that flickered with so much intelligence but with bodies that betrayed them in presenting that intelligence in a way most folks could grasp. it was a delight every time we could make a connection and they knew i "got" what they intended.

thanks for being one who so willingly uses his keys to unbolt the doors.

John-Michael said...

As You, my Darling Lime, so very well know, my opportunities to liberate Souls imprisoned in the shackles of life-circumstance, found its zenith in my years of moment-by-moment freeing of Matthew (my son who deals with cerebral palsy) from his bondage. I count it as an honor and a blessing, that I am equipped, by Temperament and Nature, to hear the silent music of incarcerated Spirits and the cries of muted Voices. Matthew ... and I ... have benefited ... and yes!, even flourished ... because we grew, together, in our individual Characters and Beings, through all that we encountered and conquered. I can well appreciate and celebrate, with You, the richness of your experiences. And I am so grateful for our Friendship ... with its opportunities to encourage and strengthen each other.

Loving You ...

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