Friday, January 08, 2010

Move Your Money

In the midst of all of our hand-wringing frustration, and well-earned anger ...

there is THIS ...

... which I think is pretty cool!

(PS: To help clear the Fog of "What in the world is going on with the Banking Industry?!" ... I recommend this ... ... BILL Moyers JOURNAL Interview. [copy and paste the address] I found it very helpful and informative.)


Suldog said...

I am proud to say that our money has been in our local community bank for the past 14 years. And they don't charge a fee every time you want access to it, or if you're one day late with some payment, or anything like that. They're good people and I'm proud to be one of their customers.

Fine video - and advice - John-Michael.

John-Michael said...

I do love having the Folks at the Credit Union say a genuine "Hello" or ask about the welfare of family members (most of my relatives have career associations with the Credit Union). It does make for a nice environment.

I sure am glad, My
Friend, that this piece found a welcome with you.

Love Ya Jim ...

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