Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kinship in Spirit

As I enjoyed the televised travel show, I was impressed with the ceaseless supplications, transmitted by these Prayer Flags, on the pathway up to the Bhutan's Taktshang ("tiger's nest") Monastery.

I was glad for a better understanding of the concept of ongoing Prayers being carried heavenward on the bits of constantly-disintegrating fabrics. In this, I was reminded of the Scriptures’ “Pray without ceasing” admonition." In these Prayer Flags, I saw a physical manifestation of that directive. I appreciated further personal enlightenment in hearing the Commentator’s explanation of the Belief that each Individual achieves “higher Karma” through their commitment to climbing upward, in their arduous ascension toward the ‘Holy Site’ of this Monastery. And here I found a like Truth in “Take up your burden and follow …” as presented in so many various forms of exhortation, toward disciplined Discipleship, in scripture. I saw Unity in intent, purpose, and expression here.

My ‘virtual’ pilgrimage served (through the presentation by “Travels to the Edge”), to weave, yet more tightly, threads of Truth, into the Fabric of spiritual unity between Faiths. Truth, offered through the perspectives of authors of the Bible … in complete harmony with the very same Truth demonstrated in the utilization of these Prayer Flags placed by faithful followers of the Buddhist Faith. Both aware of some whispered inner Voice that communicates to them the Message that says, “It is good to always maintain a reverential and prayerful attitude toward that Power that created Us ... All." And Each responding, in methods and forms, in keeping with their particular worlds.
How beautiful is this demonstration of our kinship in spiritual awareness! And how blessed we are when we can accept personal growth and validation of our cultural and societal interpretations, and expressions of our individual spiritual sense … through one another’s shared methodologies. Prayers … whether expressed in whispered words, or bits of flags that send their messages heavenward … are one and the same. Our Souls’ expression of all that we know the need to render. Ever more clearly … we are Kin with each other. Or so it seems to my Understanding.

IMAGE: National Geographic Society


Betsy said...

I love this idea of the flags representing our prayers fluttering toward heaven. Prayer can seem so abstract sometimes. Seeing it in a concrete way can help a lot.

The location of that monastary is amazing! What a gorgeous view! I would think they would feel just a little closer to God just being there!

Hope you are doing well, J-M! :) xo

John-Michael said...

You, Precious Betsy, have expressed, so beautifully, my response to this liberating Practice. Added to the prayer-infused flags, was the element of wisps of offertory smoke caught up in the heavenward winds. Altogether a freeing experience! I am so delighted that you share it with me!

Can you imagine a morning cup of tea with that amazing vista?!

Loving you ...

Suldog said...

I find the expression of prayer, in whatever form, a beautiful thing. Even if I don't follow the same path, I admire the dedication and humility.

John-Michael said...

In accepting the "There is One God" premise (set forth in many Faiths) as the "given" ... and the metaphorical perspective of our Creator as that of a loving Father ... (isn't it fun to see how we have to construct imagery for our finite minds to encapsulate the Infinite for our consideration?!)[smile] ... it seems altogether 'natural' and even sensible that a Father would be receptive and favorably disposed to the utterings and expressions of His 'children' ... in whatever language, gesture, ritual, or manner that is appropriate to their earthly culture, surrounds, history, or tradition.

So, my Dear SulDog Friend, I do thoroughly enjoy ... and even participate in (at some vicarious level) the worshipful celebrations of all manner of Folk as I witness (even in a pictorial representation) the outpourings of their Spirit. My own Soul finds kinship and eternal harmony in these exercises.

And, Dear Friend, I must add that each visitation of your lovely Presence touches and pleases my Soul, as well. That is simply ... a fact.

I do love you Jim ...

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