Saturday, February 05, 2011


I am well-acquainted with coping ...
hoping, on the other hand, is foreign to my familiarity.

Hence, at this moment in my life-journey ...
with this Alien, Hope,
standing at the threshold of my Tomorrows ...
I am ill-equipped to handle my emotions.

I have no casual or customary repertoire
of mind-set or behaviors to rest in.

This is unexplored terrain for me.

My sleep is sporadic and irregular ...
and my wakening hours are visited with all manner
of jumbled, unordered thoughts.

Yet ... I like it!


Betsy said...


I "hope" you share parts of your unchartered journey with us! It's going to be an interesting ride! If you add hope to your coping then that really is a positive outlook, isn't it?

I think I just wrote a tongue-twister there! :)

Suldog said...

Odd sort of a post, John-Michael. Glad you like it, as you say. Any elaboration you care to lay on us?

John-Michael said...
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