Monday, June 13, 2011

Eternity ... Heaven & Hell

Infinite duration, without beginning in the past or end in the future
(Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary [1913])

“Do you believe” I could ask, “in Eternity?” And I have a fair sense of confidence that I would receive an affirmative response from the majority of whomever I offer the question. So, neither beginning nor end … yep! That is how I know it to be myself.

Only makes the most rudimentary of sense that I celebrate this moment, in our shared Eternity, with you. This is our Heaven, if we so elect. Heaven being the Reality of living in the Presense of, and willingly choosing the direction of that loving Creator of all that has ever been … and will ever be. ‘Tis certain that Hell would be opting to live this moment in the elected absence of the influence and care of the “I Am.”

So, my Precious reader, I thank you for your heavenly Presence … here, in our Eternal Moment.

I love You! (Another 'Heavenly choice.") [smile]


Suldog said...

You also, John-Michael.

I think most folks can imagine going on without end, but find it impossible to imagine no beginning. At least, I know that's the limit for me, and that's my strongest logical argument for the existence of God. I can't quite grasp the concept, but I know that it has to be a reality. If not, what came before? Nothing cannot create something.

Anyway, sorry for not visiting much lately. Time taken up by work (Thank God!) and so many friends to read... I'm certainly glad I made time to stop by. You are always worth it.

John-Michael said...

I am delighted (especially in light of all of the tenuous situations being dealt with by so many today) that you are enjoying favorable demands on your professional expertise. This is an absolutely GOOD thing! (And certainly no need for apologies are ever warranted between us!)

I do derive a great deal of joy in my awareness of our eternal environs. There is a great deal of freedom and comfort in knowing that I can fully indulge my Self in the possibilities of each Moment.

No need for concern for or about those elements of 'before,' or 'after,' whilst I trust those matters beyond my immediate responsibility to The One who created all of it. Not my job to fret over those things entrusted to The Almighty.

I am liberated from those cumbersome worries ... and can celebrate the Love and Joy that You and other grand Blessings bring my way. Such fun!

Sure do love Ya' Jim, my Dear SulDog Friend!

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