Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rarest and Most Precious Human Talent

“… Parnell McCarthy possessed the rarest and most precious of human talents … a talent so elusive that it receded only the faster before those who wooed it with more gadgets and toys: the capacity for participation and joy, the enviable ability to draw vast pleasure and enjoyment from small occasions and simple things.

For all the old man’s show of cynicism, he possessed the sense of wonder of a small boy flying a kite.”

Robert Traver
Anatomy of a Murder


Suldog said...

I like to think I have been blessed with that gift. I don't always take the gift off of the shelf and use it, but I do believe I have it. You also, John-Michael. And it seems to me you use it about as often as anyone! Good for you!

John-Michael said...

Without a moment's hesitation, my Dear SulDog Friend, I can easily assure you that your beautiful openness of Heart reveals, quite readily, your plentiful endowment with this Gift.

How marvelously blessed I am to be among the number of folk who Life has allowed to know you ... and bask in the freedom and joy that you bring to our Souls.

Loving you, Friend Jim, is so easy!

[big ol' smile]

Suldog said...

And, in celebration of such...


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