Monday, October 22, 2012


While Fear is, indeed, a most useful Ally in our human quest to survive …

Left unchecked, he easily becomes our most powerful of Adversaries ...
warring against all of our hopes and desires to flourish, and to thrive.

21 October 2012


debi said...

it's been a very long time but I have come to see how you be. I do hope all is well with you. Thinking of you and sending you my best,love debi

B- said...

Yes, it's been a long time for me too, but what a happy meeting and memory David and I enjoyed ... with you "Just BEing John."

(David passed-away NOV 30, 2012.
It takes courage, a lot of courage, to fight pancreatic cancer, and David never gave up.
I was so very proud to be by his side.)

I write this note because our story was one of your "Rear-View Mirror" stories. It was so true;
a quick glimpse, a blink of the eye, but just as we lived and loved our life together.

Thank you for the compliment and my forever-happy memory.


Suldog said...

I just received the news that John-Michael is in hospital, so I'm leaving a message here for relatives and friends. John-Michael is one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful people I ever had the pleasure to meet on my journeys along the internet. He never failed to have an uplifting word for me, and (for some damn reason) he got a big kick out of my writings and always made a point of telling me so. That caring, that love, meant a great deal to me. I wish I had more to offer at this point, but it is in God's hands, so I'll keep him in my prayers. Thank you to the folks who are caring for him. You are also in my prayers. As one of my other favorite people was wont to say, "There is only one person in the entire world exactly like you, and people can like you just the way you are." God bless you, John-Michael.

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