Thursday, September 20, 2007


Language is what we use to process our thoughts. In fact, our thoughts are made known to us with the Language … the words, phrases, and expressions that we are familiar and comfortable with. It follows, then, that by increasing the depth of our reservoir of Language skills we expand the scope of ideas that we can explore … and communicate … firstly with ourselves, then with others.

It is my desire to introduce the Language of Love … of Intimacy … of Caring … into the world that I touch. In so doing, I hope to awaken an awareness of vistas of affection, respect, appreciation, and adoration for the marvelous Creations that we are. How wonderful it will be when we can look into a mirror … or into the face of another … and say “I love you” with the same comfort and ease that we have in criticizing or discounting the worth of that individual.

To that end … please accept my sincere “I love you” … to You. For, you see, I am convinced that we have shared this brief moment of your reading, not by chance … but as a gift from Life. And that gift is worthy of my love.

This my contribution to your lexicon of Language today.

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