Thursday, April 01, 2010

Less ... More

My Being is rendered utterly mute by the power of the blossom

I am speechless …

Without vocabulary to adequately express

I have neither thought nor voice …

Sufficient to do justice to her beauty

Then … with the removal of light, with all of its revelations

I enter the realm of another sort of experiential awe

This visitation is suggested by line and contrast

‘Tis the eloquent Silhouette … Mistress of the Minimal

In the absence of detail, my Spirit picks up its brush

Coloring the Image with my own imaginings

The Silhouette invites my fuller participation … deeply within

My spiritual Voice is freed to whisper … even sing … its offerings

I participate, even more fully than possible in the presence of detail

Can it be true … that what seems Less, can be so much … More

Through the generous courtesy of Ian Britton,
Through the generous courtesy of Jon Sullivan,
Through the generous courtesy of BBC News


lime said...

such gorgeous images.

Suldog said...

You do my soul a favor with these, John-Michael. I hope you have a very blessed Easter.

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