Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Magician's Blanket

Wrapped in that Blanket … the one recruited from the sofa that we shared … we became Subjects to the transforming powers of life’s Magician.

Concealed from all the world outside, we transformed into something of wonder and delight that had ne’er before been known.

Two people, who barely knew each others’ names …
we became a Oneness that shared a joyful pulse …
breathed a complimentary breath …

moved from the chill of the winter without … to a perspiration of sensual Tropics that existed only in the cocoon of our newly created world.

We touched … melded … melted into a warm liquid that flowed gently and easily over shores of receptive desires.

There were no Circumstances … no details … neither requirements nor responsibilities constraining our openness to each other.

There … on that sofa … in that little apartment … within the folds of that blanket’s security … we found Home.

All that was known then as Reality, has been blown away and scattered as the sands of the Sahara … no one grain known to any other.

What abides today … and lingers as Genuine … is the indelible Truth of our union.

Known to the rational and fact-encumbered mind, as “passing, fleeting, and momentary”... those moments have a legitimacy and substance that is as fresh now, as it was overwhelmingly present, then.

If only I could have had the presence of mind … the wisdom and maturity yet to come … to tell her that she was forever part of me … and wanted there.

But, alas, the cocoon melted away … the oasis of visited Bliss receded into the distance … circumstance and routine pulled us over inevitable horizons.

And here … today … I find us, and our envelope of satisfying fulfillment, comforting and evermore Precious.

(These are the reflections brought to the fore of my awareness, by a new Friend. My deepest and most sincerely admiring thanks to Her.)


Suldog said...

This sounds both fulfilled and longing, John-Michael. I hope it is more the former than the latter.

You bring to mind that I need to treasure a few things more in the present than in abeyance. Thank you.

Like the new profile shot, by the way. Of course, it may not be brand new. Maybe I just haven't noticed it before!

lime said...

glad you have the memory, wishing you more of it in reality.

nitebyrd said...

This is very beautiful, John-Michael. I,too, hope that you will spend much more time in that "blanket."

John-Michael said...

It is, in fact, such a fresh (and even raw) awakening of emotions ... that I have been at a loss as to how to react. I am still caught up in the swirling pool of yearnings and recollections.

Hence, My Dear SulDog Friend, I have been quite unable even to pen a response to your gentle and oh-so-much appreciated encouragement.

Being overwhelmed like this is something that I am ill-accustomed to. So, Dear Jim, I am 'hibernating' in a seclusion and allowing myself to be open to whatever this experience will teach me about this surprise aspect of my inner Being. (If this sounds vague and obscure ... that would reflect quite accurately how I am feeling.) [smile]

I am grateful for You, Dear Friend ...

John-Michael said...

The really strange thing, Precious Lime, is that my emotions are reliving the memories with such immediacy that it is eerily 'tangible.'

It is as though I have been re-introduced to a happening that I am returning to after a brief intermission. As though there are a host of feelings and emotions that were left 'hanging ...'

Something that I am, in no way, comfortable with ... yet, wonderfully beautiful!?

Lovin' You ...

John-Michael said...

I feel, Darling Gail that I would gladly take up permanent residence inside of those magical and wonderful folds of that Blanket of Bliss. This past few days have awakened the Romantic within with such gusto that I am completely useless! [silly grin]

Thank You, My Love, for your generous kindness and warm thoughts!

Loving You ...

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