Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Better Man | Playing For Change featuring Keb' Mo'

'Should you notice me singing to myself (which I often do) as I amble through the Market, the chances are pretty good that this is what I am singing ...

I challenge you to try to be "Down" with this song on your Heart! [loving smile]


Suza said...

Smiling! And rollin' along. Thank you. xx

John-Michael said...

I do enjoy sharing the Good Stuff ... wid da Good Folks! Yeah!

Lovin' Ya, Darlin' Suza!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Thanks for the uplift!

John-Michael said...

Being a "Visual Being," as I am, I just enjoyed the spontaneous Imagery of reaching down from my gentle steed, and "uplifting" the awaiting Person of Cori Lynn Berg to share the Moment's ride.

What a lovely way to make the acquaintance of a new Friend along life's Way. Life gives nice gifts!

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