Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Physical necessities insist on attention … but they can be negotiated with. All in the cause of prolonging the playing out of my Mind’s morning exercise. Something akin to Watching an altogether engaging Movie that is filled with distinct Elements ... all having meaning, significance, and relevance to my Life Experience.

For these Elements are all, indeed, bits and pieces of my accumulation of those Aspects of life that have been allowed, by my election, to be part of my personal, individual Awareness. Persons of particular import to me … women and men with even the briefest of influence … celebrities who have nudged a bit of space into my sensibilities (this morning found Steve Martin making a cameo appearance. Top shelf Talent free of any requirement of Royalties or Compensation. How cool is that?!)

Is it any wonder that, from my earliest of recollection, I have resisted the termination of a night’s sleep … in response to the rude demands of a new day … a whole new set of “input” to be processed (under the pressure of unsympathetic circumstances and players.) Be it School, Work, or simply daily interaction with the Stuff of ordinary life, my right-lobe/image–oriented and spatially inclined brain has been confronted with a world that unfolds in accordance with a left-lobe/data, and impulse driven tempo.

The result is that I know, from my first awakening that I am in for another day of frustrated attempts at coping with an insensitive world’s expectations and demands. And my only hope for any opportunity, to gain a safe place to sort it all out, and make some coherent sense of it all … to have some “processing time” … my only respite from the outer-world’s treadmill pace … will be in the sanctuary of my wonderful Chamber of peaceful contemplation ...

my Dreams.


Suldog said...

I, too, sometimes hate to leave that safe haven. I've found it a help to say a prayer of some sort upon awakening, first thing. I wouldn't deign to suggest what you might say, but I find a simple "Thanks for letting me see this day, and may I remain aware of it's beauty and, if you will allow me the skills, make it more beautiful for others I encounter" to be just what I need to set my head on straight.

nitebyrd said...

Venturing out in the world takes all kinds of bravery, John-Michael but when you have Steve Martin in your head, even just a wee bit, I think it makes life easier.

Throw in Gilda Radner and getting out of bed is a breeze!

John-Michael said...

The whole 'Deal' with me, Jim, is that the first 55 years of my life was encumbered with an absence of understanding the workings of my brains handicaps. I was not aware of the debilitating effects of Chronic Depression (which was not identified until I was 45 years old), nor did I know of the hurdles imposed by my strong "right-brain" processing of all of the 'Stuff' of life.

Now that I understand the workings of both of these dynamics on the daily functiioning of my mind, I am joyfully freed to comfortably delegate the processing of daily stimuli (news, politics, finances, relationships, religion, plus all of the peripheral goodies regarding the evolution of our universe, world, and nature.) All of which are a source of stimulating 'Input' for my insatiable curiosity.

Now that I appreciate the natural workings of Dreams as a mechanism for sorting out and putting together the pieces of life's beautiful jig-saw puzzle, whilst we "sleep on it", I actually get excited each morning with the clarification of all of the 'Stuff' that I have gleaned from reading, encountering, experiencing and absorbing. Wonderful "light-bulb moments" are mine.

Because You are the beautiful Person that You are, my darling SulDog Friend, I know that you will enjoy This musical 'prayer' that I frequently treat my Self to, at Day's beginning.

Surely do love You, My Friend!

John-Michael said...

I have to tell You, Sweet NiteByrd Friend, that I do enjoy these surprise "visitations" to my Mind's unpredictable workings. Does, indeed, make for some pleasant 'happenings' in those "'tween sleep & awake" moments!

Lovingly ...

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