Sunday, December 25, 2011

Life's Unfettered Joy

And, herein lies Life’s fullest demonstration
 of unfettered Joy …

I happily share this Image with You, Dear Reader and Friend, in celebration of the Love that is so obviously experienced between my darling Brittany Brother, Christophe, and the Delight of his Soul, his Daughter, Rose.

My thanks to you, Christophe, for allowing me to share in the ecstasy of this beautiful Moment in your life.

My love to All in this sweet Season of Loving.


nitebyrd said...

What a lovely picture! Thank YOU for sharing, John-Michael!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

John-Michael said...

Cesar (my precious Gift-Son from Life) just left. He and I enjoyed a a rare and wonderful couple of hours considering aspects of Family, Eternity, Self-Awareness, Relationships, and Life Fulfillment. An altogether sweet and enriching visit with each other.

So, my Darling NiteByrd, with that visit topping off beautiful phone calls from Alecia (my amazing Gift-Daughter), and Steven (my lovely Brother in Missouri), I can say "yes!", it has indeed been a wonderful Christmas.

Carried on wings of my genuine love for you, I send my hopes for Joy and contented Happiness to your beautiful Heart.

lime said...

wonderful! thank you :)

John-Michael said...

Oh, my Darling Lime! I am so pleased that you have shared, with me, in the radiated Joy that emanates from Christophe and Rose. I hope that their Delight warms every corner of your Being (up there in 'Cold Country.') [big smile]

Lovingly ...

Suldog said...

Magnificent photo! The joy in both those beings just leaps out at me!

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