Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Lovely Gift

Those who pay heed to such things will notice that I have not posted any personal reflections for quite some time. The reason is simple. My Soul had no song to sing.

That changed yesterday.

As I accompanied my sister, Linda, in her quest for Christmas tree ornaments (in a nearby crafts store), a lovely Gift appeared. Her Presence was as that of a visitation by an extraordinary tropical bird. Such an overwhelming loveliness that I was instantly smitten.

And, just as is true of that likened bird, she was completely comfortable with her Being. Her smile communicated a gentle, tender, and totally unassuming harmony with her place in her world.

I made a clumsy attempt at thanking her for that Gift, of her smile. Then wrote, and gave to her, a note (on the reverse of a calling card) expressing my appreciation for her Presence.

Just as is true of that metaphorical bird, I do hope that, in future, she will make an appearance in my life. For, truth be told, I have repeatedly had the thought that nothing could possible be better than to greet each day in the company of such grace and loveliness. And, just as is so with the aforementioned ‘bird,’ I would never want to, in any way, restrain, inhibit, threaten, or discourage the possibility of such an appearance.

I am so happy that I have learned how to embrace Life’s offerings of beauty. To be open to acknowledgement of and expression of appreciation for these marvelous Gifts makes the beginning of my third trimester of life something exciting and inviting.

So, my dear and faithful Reader, today I sing a song of delighted joy as I thank the Author of all that is good, for the exquisite Gift of this lovely person into my little world. Such beautiful Bliss!

(By the way, Linda and I had an absolute blast together! Neither of us enjoys shopping. But, together, we had great fun. She is a wonderful sister. [And she agreed with me in my admiration of yesterday’s Gift.]) [smile]


nitebyrd said...

To find a beautiful presence/spirit whilst shopping, particularly at this time of year, is a blessing, indeed!

How lovely for you!

John-Michael said...

'Twas a special happening indeed, my dear Nitebyrd. This lady softly graced the Moment with an unassuming sweetness and charm that lingers yet.

When we were back in her car, Linda (my sister) and I agreed that there was a unique enchantment about this person. We were both touched.

Hoping that Life is surrounding you with the best of the best (because you deserve no less) ...

lime said...

glad for the gift of time with your sister and for the gift of the "bird." both make me smile.

John-Michael said...

Life is, indeed, very good, my precious Lime Friend. And our continued kinship of Spirit and Presence makes for a delicious 'icing' on life's proverbial 'cake.'

Lovingly ...

Suza said...

Pain-free and Madison-befriended... life is good! Love you. xxx

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