Thursday, July 26, 2012

Occupied, Present, and Engaged

We held hands ... Madison and I ... as the Attendant wheeled me down the hallways and out the door of the Hospital. Swinging our arms, we chatted about ... who knows what ... it didn't really matter. We were just enjoying being together. We giggled. We laughed. We questioned stuff that Grownups don't discuss ... magic, colors (our favorites and the differences between them), drawing ... good stuff like that.

My Inner Child was totally at home with with this precious child. How glorious!

This bright, inquisitive, creative little Person instinctively and concretely knew that I was fully Present ... unreservedly Engaged ... and completely Occupied in that Moment. There was no desire to pull away, or move on to other interests, on either of our parts. We both sensed that this was a totally genuine and complete happening ... nothing held in reserve or hidden. We were safe and secure in each other.

I have absolutely no interest in "growing" past that level of authenticity.

Thank you Madison,
Uncle Mike



lime said...

growing up is completely optional! what a lovely scene. :)

John-Michael said...

'Twas lovely, indeed, my Dear Lime!

Such a sweet way of ushering in the next trimester of my lifetime. Madison made a marvelous Escort into a new walk of pain-free functioning.


Suza said...

Pain-free and Madison-befriended... life is good!

Love you. xxx

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