Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Risk

He who says nothing,
will ne'er be misinterpreted.

Nor will he contribute,
to either clarity, or understanding.

He must be willing
to risk the former ...

To entertain any hope
for the latter.

21 August 2012


lime said...

sigh...i took that risk recently and just got slammed....so frustrating. why has civil discourse gone the way of the dodo?

John-Michael said...

Life's all-too-frequent reality, my Darling Lime, is that the desired 'clarity,' and/or 'understanding,' is, most often, achieved for Oneself. Those around us, who have little or or no interest in involvement in either, are in too much of 'a hurry' to invest the time necessary for such things.


Lovingly ...

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