Saturday, January 13, 2007

Revisiting an IDEALIST Neighborhood Card Shop

We Idealists are, if you will, the “Neighborhood Card Shop” of life’s market place. We do not offer the “essentials” of life… the lumber or nails… the motor oils… the bread or butter, nor the wine or cheese. We offer, instead, the reminders of the ideals that make all of the essentials worth their pursuit. Meat and potatoes we do not present… but we do offer the bouquet, the candles, the card that expresses the sentiment that we wish to convey over the fine dinner prepared from the meat and potatoes. We do not provide essential nutrients for the sustenance of the flesh... we offer the reminders of the spirit and soul, the emotion and desire that inspire the heart as well as the mind. We provide the ’soundtrack’ that adds dimension to the ’movie’ of life.

There are far fewer "Card Shops" than there are other merchants. There is good reason for their infrequency. Life’s day-to-day requirements have material need for far more of the providers of ‘essentials.’ It is also true that The Almighty created a fewer number of us Idealists in life’s mix.

I know my place. I do not offer myself as your provider of your day-to-day material essentials. But, My Dear Friend, I ask that you grant proper acknowledgement and acceptance of… respect and care for my place in the “shopping district” of your world. I will serve you happily and faithfully.

(Those of you familiar with this blog will recall having seen this message before. I replay it here in response to an expresion of interest that I accept as Life's whisper to me.)

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Silvia said...

Ciao Dad,
Even if my uptodate blog page is half in italian and half in english I'd like to invite your readers also there, so here is the link


Anonymous said...

I hadn't quite thought of the idealist's role in quite this fashion. It is a wonderful analogy that you have created. I intend to mull this one over for a bit. Even though I didn't see it the first time, thank you for sharing it "again."

~Sharon said...

Did not mean to make the previous comment anonymous...

John-Michael said...

Isn't this FUN ?! I do enjoy the shared experience of exchange of ideas and insights... Community is something that excites regardless of the potential limitations of geography, nationality, politics, or personality... and I appreciate it tremendously.

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