Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrating Life's Banquet

I am having the most fun imaginable …
stealing Tidbits from my Future.

I am sneaking past the impediments of Now …
and sampling more.

More than what the Present would offer …
tiny portions of Then.

Awakened to the Truths of Time and Space …
I play with both.


I have witnessed the regrets of those
who have reached Dinner’s end.

Their eyes sad when the Meal’s
dessert Course is served.

Their longing for time to enjoy another serving
of an Appetizer …

Clouding their ability to celebrate the majesty
of Life’s Finishing Dish.


In response to Observation’s lessons,
I have learned to nibble ahead.

A small sip, of what we all know as,
our mortal Futures …

I savour Bliss, as a tease, with promise
of much more to come.

Visiting Time’s kitchen … I inhale
Eternity’s simmering fragrance.


Thus, I know neither fear nor trepidation
in awareness of Life’s Repast.

For I have learned the beauty of taking
some of Dessert’s sweetness …

Midst bites of my Main Course’s robust flavours.

Each Element of Life’s buffet … I allow to reside
in Memory, Anticipation, and Moment.


So, Dear, Fellow Diner, speak not to me
of dread, of Tomorrow.

Nor tell me of longing, for Yesterday.

For you are speaking to One who is
examining, tasting, and visiting …

All of My Banquet of Life … Past known …
and Future, gleefully sampled.


Trust your Creator …
lean not, on your own Understandings.
In all of your Ways (Past, Present, and Future),
acknowledge the Truth that is in
All being by design …
and your path will be lovingly guided.

The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 3, Verses 5 and 6
(Rendered in accordance with John-Michael’s Spirit)


The Clever Pup said...

I like your positive attitude.

I'm glad you like the "Her Morning Elegance" video too. Although not one for mushy-ness, I find the video and song beautiful and haunting. Have a nice day.

Annette said...

First off Sweet JM, Thank you for stopping by and visiting me, I was very excited too see your comment, and I respect you and your comment, it seemed like you understood, and Thank you so very much,due to not knowing who visits you I don't want to go into great detail about some of the comments that where made, but I will say this much "Some don't understand, and secondly, how do you let go of someone who filled an empty place in my life with so much love?"
Now...on to your post lol, I loved it and I should pass it along on my post for some to read.
Excellent words for thought.

John-Michael said...

Though I can be a "worthy adversary" to Life's challenges ... "Mushy-osity" [grin] is a facet of my Being that I happily allow to flourish. Hence, Dear Clever Pup Friend, I gladly ingested not only the video, but also the delicious plethora of artistic treats offered on your lovely site. Thank you for that! [smile]

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

Oh! My Darling Annette, visiting with you through your reflections was a delight!

And, what you say is so true! Many of us do not understand much of what we encounter ... my Self certainly included. But the key lies in our willingness to dwell with those challenging Things not understood ... and learn what they have to say to us. Isn't this the definition of growth?

With regard to your other question (which does sound like it has potential for being better visited in a more thorough Email) I would (on the surface of what you seem to be [in the context of this little post] asking) ... I am inclined to see that Gift of Someone who fills ... or satisfies an appetite for "so much love" just that exactly ... A Gift. And living Life is all about accepting Life's offered Gifts for the season (or in the nomenclature of this post, the "course" or "dish" in the banquet.) Trying to hang onto a dish ... or indulge in any course beyond what is prudent and natural ... can cause an extreme discomfort that spoils the rest of the dining experience (hence, "Living.") While a particular offering may be our Favorite and give us a special and singularly extraordinary experience, we simply MUST accept that mortality, or circumstance, or nature, moves us inexorably along. Thus, we can only know comfortable happiness in the Banquet, if we accept this awareness, and celebrate those individual high points ... whilst not neglecting the next serving of our meal. I hope that I have made some sort of sense in this limited space (I REALLY do!)

Lovingly ...

lime said...

can in linger over dessert for a while?

Suldog said...

My Mom taught me that sometimes it's better to eat dessert first. Not a rule that you have to, mind you, but if you feel like it, there's no need to apologize for it.

John-Michael said...

Push aside all of those heavy Meat and Potato Dishes of Necessity and Responsibility ... and tantalize yourself with those playful sensations of the sweet Treats of Possibility and Imagination, My Darling Lime. For this Dining experience that we know as Living is governed by our Election. I encourage your freedom of Choice!

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

You, My Darling SulDog Friend, are blessed with a Gem of a Mom! Without doubt, all of us touched with your beautiful approach to Life's elements, are beneficiaries of her influences on your Perspectives and Attitudes on Living. A huge "Hooray!" of thanks to Her.

Lovin' You, Jim ...

Classic Charm said...

My friend, you sound happy here...and that is comforting to know you are feeling joy. This post is all of your writings. Hope you are having a happy day.

John-Michael said...

My Darling Rose, I am glad to confirm your observation! I am happy, indeed! And please reacquaint yourself with the lovely Truth that is in You, My Precious Friend, being one of the vibrantly beautiful threads that make my Tapestry of Life a happy one.

Loving and sending scrunchylischious HUGs to You ...

ric said...

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