Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What ... Who

I listen, and reflect back what I hear,
in all that you are brave enough to reveal.

I provide, no classification System,
or Labels … no Judgments.

But an open and receptive Space,
that welcomes You … all of Who You are.

That we may share in what you have been afraid
to know … including those secret Treasures.

I provide, for us, a Place that knows
neither Alien nor Enemy.

The borderless land of Loving Respect,
and Individual Honor.

This is the sought-after definition
of what I do … Who I am.

For, I was, once, the One in need
of Acceptance … a peaceful Harbour.

25 March 2009


lime said...

it is a remarkable person who passes on the good he has received. thank you, my friend.

nitebyrd said...

To have an open mind, open heart and open spirit, is the true "holy trinity", to me. You are "blessed" with all three.

aims said...

You are an unique treasure dear JM. Never change.

John-Michael said...

You, Sweet Lime, bring out whatever Good there may be! I thank You, My Dear.

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

A Mind, Heart, and Spirit that is open and welcoming to all, of the Goodness, that I know as .. You, My Darling NiteByrd.

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

And how I do treasure this precious Gift that is our blessed Friendship, My Dearest of Friends, Aims!

Gratefully celebrating our shared Love ...

The Buddhist Conservative said...

How wonderful IS the place you describe. I am sure the world has always needed a kind shoulder but it seems now it is needed even more.

Thank you for the positive messages I have come to know you for.


John-Michael said...

I easily and comfortably echo your "namaste", Roger, My Friend. I am so grateful for these brief moments of exchange ... in which we can indeed enjoy that "kind shoulder" that you suggest. I thank you for your generously offered Self, in that exchange.

Lovingly ...

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