Friday, May 08, 2009

What Do You Want?

I was , a while ago, asked by a new friend (as she she sought to discover just who I am), "What do you want?" 'Twas a very fair and honorable question. In fact, a question that recommend, to You, Dear Reader, as a comforting and refreshing exercise ... this asking of your Self, "What do I want?" To my Inquisitor, I responded with an Email, containing the little summary, that I now share, with you.

I share it with you, because it occurs to me, that we could have a delightful time, allowing ourselves to get to know ourselves better ... and enjoy, and thereby, ourselves even better ... if we were to candidly examine our first "knee-jerk" reactions, to that very fundamental question.

Because I have found that by listening to someone else, discussing their inner inclinations and appetites, I become easily engaged in reflections of my own ...
I submit my bit of a response ... and encourage you to do what I did, that morning. Perhaps, you will feel inclined to make some mental note of, or jot down, your own spirit's reflexive responses, to the question.

Hence, ... what I want is ...

INTIMACY ... in thoughts, ideas, conversation, feelings, and shared activities.

CHILDREN ... Their sounds, curiosity, silliness, struggles, laughter, and hugs. To know their sense of security and comfort in the bosom of my presence and care.

TOUCHING ... Fingertips, arms, face, neck ... freely, often, comfortably, gently, appreciatively, and spontaneously.

KNOWING SMILES ... Private, quiet, random, filled with meaning and fun, lingering and savored.




And as the song goes ... "These are a few of my favorite things."

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lime said...

it's hard to imagine that there are those who DON'T want those things. i'll duplicate the list and add lots of laughter to it.

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