Monday, May 25, 2009

Love Storms

Love Storms

Seizing, testing, and tearing,
at the togetherness of his Heart's Vessel …
The sudden, unbidden storm of cyclonic passion,
unleashes its awesome powers.
While the wizened and weathered Sailor,
thrills at this new challenge.
His readiness and responses, to the furious encounter,
tell of Storms, well-known, before.

For him, ‘tis but an awakening,
of long-dormant Senses.
He thrills, in his celebration,
of this rush, of uncommon energies, and Might.
All made richer by his seasoned ability,
to understand; to accept; to welcome.
For he knows ‘tis nothing but a passing gale …
a magnificent gift of Nature.

Yet ... he relishes that wistful dream,
of distant trade-winds of constancy;
reliable breezes ... prevailing forces ...
that maintain a pleasant voyage.
Thus he sails on … enjoying the breath,
of Friendships that sustain;
The occasional gust, of Camaraderie …
a sweet puff, of Congeniality.

Keeping, all the while, his sailing skills sharpened …
his ship in readiness;
For that anticipated, unknown, yet expected,
eruption of Love’s powers.
And he smiles, the smile of One,
who never abandons his yearning …
To sail, into life’s sunset-painted horizon,
with sails billowing,
Filled to Desire's capacity ... swelled with satisfactions …
imparted by, the still unknown ... Her.


03 March 2008
Revised 25 May 2009


Calli said...

Oh, this is SO lovely, John-Michael!

lime said...

hope does indeed float, does it not?

John-Michael said...

Dwelling ... that is what I enjoy imagining that we are doing, Darling Calli ... dwelling in this Moment ... together. [smile]

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

As we voyage on through life's little tempests, Sweet Lime ...

Lovingly ...

Suldog said...

It always pays to keep one's vessel in shape, just in case some sailing needs to be done.

Lovely poem, John-Michael.

John-Michael said...

Alas, Dear SulDog Friend, She's been in 'dry-dock' for so long now that I receive mail there. [smile]

Love Ya Jim ...

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