Friday, May 29, 2009

A Coffee-House Moment

I was, at first, allowing my mind
to escape to a fanciful Forest.
Then, I began to sense visitations
By the Forest’s Gifts … all about me.

Might that happy gurgling
be born of a tiny creek ...
or from a small Child’s voice,
does that giggling abound?

Are these furtive glances
from birds flitting about me?
Or the peeking of Children,
with curiosity stirred?

That outburst could as well be
from a squirrel, announcing its domain …
as the Child’s proud announcement
of a coloring or drawing made right.

I could as easily be responding
to a Fawn’s gentle gaze …
as stilled by Child’s wonderment
at a strange Man writing … deep in thought.

Delight knows no distinction
‘tween Coffee House and Forest.
When the source of rapture
is unbridled Innocence.

Hence, I thank Life for the Gift
of a Coffee-House Moment with children,
as Mums chatter and visit …
keeping a loving watch, quite near.

Joy, known in this Moment, is equal
to any visit with Meadow or Glade.
My Spirit; my Being, is transported
from fancied Bliss, to a present Delight.


Calli said...

This entire poem is a Delight!

Thank you for sharing!
Have a beautiful and delightful weekend!


Just Joni said...

Indeed it is always nice to relish the moments of life unfolding in the surrounding conversations of the coffee house and nature's moments in the find solace in that awareness of others is truly a that you share it so eloquently, pulls me into that moment, as usual...thanks JM.

San said...

That is a rich brew, John-Michael.

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