Monday, February 19, 2007


OK… let’s stop thinking of them as “Relationships.” How about we look at what we really desire as “Connection-ships.” For, it seems to me, what works… what has dynamic power… what gives energy to its participants… what has lasting and staying potential… is a connection. We can “relate” to things seen through the window of our automobile as we whiz past. We can “relate” to illustrations, stories, sounds, and flavors. But in order to “connect” we must become intimately involved… we must become a participant in that with which we “connect.”

I think of couples and friends who have endured decades of life’s challenges, and the ones who come to mind share with each other a mysterious set of “connections” that have bonded them. This in spite of obvious absences of what we would define as commonalities (things in common) that would demonstrate any usual interests or points of relating. They simply seem to "connect!"

So, I say “let’s cast off all of that acquired baggage of perceptions and discriminations that have attached themselves to that Relationship concept." And explore the new and yet-undiscovered potentials that lie in the infinitely unlimited Connection-ships that are wrapped as gifts of promise in our Tomorrows.


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