Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Perhaps you have had the pleasure of a moment that, at the time, was so delightful that words to express your emotions escaped you. If so, you will understand the motivation behind what I share in this expression of a moment lived 29 September 1989 that I attempted to portray in the words of "YOU."


To have a kindred spirit… a like soul with whom I can loose the chains of my normally well-controlled performance…

To be able to rest in the assurance that my inner-most secrets and desires can express themselves in an environment of safe acceptance…

To enjoy the free expression of long-desired, waiting to be experienced, wishes and fantasies in concert with another who hears and shares…

Such is the time shared with you… such is the feeling… the reason for the joy… the source of the smile that has accompanied me all this day… ‘Inner Sunshine…’

John-Michael/ 29 September 1989

IMAGE (of Torre del Lago, near Lucca, Italy) by Neil Jones, BBC

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