Monday, May 07, 2007

It's Intimacy !

“It’s intimacy!”


“Intimacy!… that’s what you found in the chance encounter with the stranger in the office.” I offered. “You and he connected in a personal, immediate, and un-cluttered, spontaneous intimacy which, obviously, you both had a very ready yearning for.”

Then… silence… and tears… and a complete shift in the dynamic of our meeting. We were no longer sharing in the “magic” of the recounting of a mystical and wondrous happening. Now we were suddenly immersed in a reality moment.

“That is what We had… what drew Us to each other… what I have missed and wanted back, but didn’t know the name of until right now. And now, now that you have identified the element of my yearning, I want back what We had… with Him… not someone else.”

And for the first time in my own personal conscious awareness, I, My Dear Reader, was confronted (by that source known to the ages as “Muse”, or “Still Small Voice”) with the tangible character of Intimacy. Not something that is done… neither activity nor planned exercise, but a state of BEing. For, don’t you see, we can only BE intimate, intimacy is not something “done.” Intimacy is a state of being that creates its own ecosystem. There is an environment that lives… colours that vibrate… life forms that flourish in a state of intimacy that would wither and cease to exist outside of those elements that are particular to intimacy.

So, today, in this moment of your consideration, I ask that you sweep aside all of the detritus of life’s “Doing Stuff” and make a place for Being intimate. First with yourself… “Know Thyself”… honor thyself… respect thyself… be intimate and allow an awareness of your true yearnings. Then permit a barrier-free state of intimacy to happen with a trusted “Other.”

IMAGE: Courtesy of R&K4everloved, The Lens Flare


John-Michael said...
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Denise said...

i try and meditate daily so that i can 'know' myself and spirit in its many forms.... from this i get a sense of love and peace..... this love is transmuted to others for whom i care about..... i love soooooooooooo many people and there is always room for more.... intimacy is a great thing between ourselves and opening up to others to so that they may know us more truly.....
love n light
Denise xx

John-Michael said...

Ahhhhhhh ... I bask in the warm radiance of our shared spirit and understandings. I am grateful for Life's gift of "us" and the encouragement that we can offer each other.

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