Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Morning After

And then... there's the Morning After... when the sea of emotion spawned by the familiar face, the rediscovered greeting card, the soul-stirring song recedes back to its place of beginning... and I am left with the barren sands of... Now.

But, we ask, would I have it any other way? Would I prefer a becalmed pond of still and dormant sameness for the purpose of avoiding the swing of life's emotional pendulum? "Never!" I heartily declare. For to be denied the thrill, the zest, the flavour of that sumptuous moment of relived feeling and sensation would be a fate that robs living of its peaks, its spices, its 'rush.' And that bland existence would scarcely be worth the lifting of awakening eyelids in the morning. No, My Friend, please give me those rare and isolated instances of passionate awareness and intimacy with my deepest of recollections. For those treats and favors carry me through many a day devoid of any inspiration.

And, that you may be able to identify with, and share in the balance of life's ebb and flow with me... I give you this follow-up to yesterday's special gift. For, as I have oft promised you, we are, indeed, in this living business... together.

IMAGE through the talents and courtesy of Jon Sullivan,

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