Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Through the Open Window

I want to keep it open ... its curtains drawn back to invite an impulse created by You. That I might shout from the window of my heart and say “Thank You!” When that impulse (whose genesis is you) is one of spontaneous affection and appreciation… you will very likely hear me issue a respectful “I love you!” Should the impulse be akin to one borne of the discovery of a wonderful work of art … you can expect me to say “Please forgive my intrusion … but I am compelled to tell you that you are a strikingly lovely lady …” or “Please forgive my intrusion … but I just noticed the beautiful cut and style of your hair ...” or whatever expression acknowledges my appreciation of that element of your being that has just touched, and made an impression on me.

I will comment on the Treasure of your children; your lovely Family; your Smile; even “Cool shoes!” Whatever aspect of you touches me and makes my Moment blessed ... I will express my notice of it. And you will know that you made a difference … you touched another life. You matter… right now; right here; in real and meaningful terms. And I will do this with a sense of urgent necessity. For I live in a state of constant awareness of the fleeting temporary-ness of each moment … and a personal sense of accountability to Eternity (and to my Self) for each of my opportunities to encourage and edify the Lives that pass my way.

So, yes, I do speak to You ... in the Person of many complete strangers in the Market, Restaurant, Library, Dry-cleaners, Hospital, Airport, wherever and whenever Life splashes another momentary bucket of inspired notice through that window to my heart. I do not tell you this as a model for your living. For I know this to be my personal calling and mission in life. But, perhaps, as an insight into another possibility for perspective on living, and enjoying life on a slightly different plane. I trust that there are some who will find in this thought something of worth for a fresh reflection on Being that responsible (with the emphasis on 'response' ... and 'responding') person that you were wondrously created to be. We all have so many lovely opportunities to appreciate and encourage one another in our daily experience.

I do hope that I can instill a bit of enthusiasm for your enjoyment of your walk ... in your world. All that is needed is for you to agree to ... open that window to your wonderful Heart's awareness.

IMAGE through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton, FreeFoto.com


lime said...

i shared with you about the virtues of awareness and gladness. it is refreshing to see them practiced with such enthusiasm. your awareness gives you gladness and you pass it on when you share that awareness.

Sandra Ree said...

No...thank YOU John-Michael! I reached for you, couldn't find you, thanks for opening your window...

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