Wednesday, March 03, 2010

An Afternoon With DaVinci

I didn’t get to enjoy seeing Dav and Heather in Florence, whilst they visited there in ’08 … so I will just ‘pretend’ to do so at the “DaVinci Shop and Café” at the end of the marvelous DaVinci Exhibition, presented at our Museum Of Science and Industry, Wednesday. They are so very cool! [smile]

Can you imagine my delight when Samantha (one of the MOSI Staff Members) asked me to share some philosophies beyond the “If, for the short while that we are in this Place, we don’t leave it better for our having been here … we will have wasted our time. And you, Dear One, have wasted nothing.” That I wrote on the back of one of my calling cards, and left for her on the table where she was demonstrating and explaining some of the wonders of optical innovations experienced by DaVinci.

So, I happily explained that I live in accordance with the personal imperative that states “Never leave any person or circumstance offered by Life, with the potential for a “Wish-I’d-A.” That is … the inner thought that says “I Wish-I’d-A expressed to that stranger how they touched my Heart as we passed.” or “I wish-I’d-a demonstrated the feelings of my heart to that individual whose presence moved me just now.” “So,” I explained to Samantha, “I clumsily, awkwardly, and sometimes haltingly (for I have had no teacher, guide, or mentor to demonstrate or instruct me in examples of practicing this business of reaching out to passing strangers in my world) verbalize my emotions … or demonstrate my convictions … thereby avoiding the possibility of ever having to reflect on the regretful awareness that comes with belated ‘wish-I’d-a’s”

She had to wonder “Just what kind of strange Person is this man who invites me to visit his Blog … and invites me to inform him of my progress in following my life’s dream?”

She doesn’t know that I spared her the added discomfort of having to deal with the “I love you Samantha” that was living just beneath the surface of my Being. That, I knew, would have been too much for her to process at our first encounter. [smile]

So, my Dear Reader, there you have a quick glimpse into an afternoon in the life of your John-Michael. (Who, because he knows that you know him well enough to accept and embrace this Truth from him, feels no hesitation to remind you …
“I love You!”) [tender smile]

(Thank You Dav, for the wonderful Photos!)


Suldog said...

Lovely stuff, John-Michael. You always embrace the best there is to embrace, and those around you - and we readers - get to enjoy it, too. Truly lovely.

John-Michael said...

Your Presence, my Darling SulDog Friend, reminds me of something that I shared with Lovely Samantha.

I told her that, in the very instant that I am aware that Someone has touched my Heart, I have (in my control) the blessing that would be theirs if they knew that they had made such a meaningful impact on another Person.

If I were to allow either reticence or cowardice to impede my telling them of their contribution to that Moment in my life ... I would be surrendering to those negative Forces. I choose to dismiss both of those impediments ... and give that Blessing that is theirs in their knowing that they have made a difference in the life of Another.

Neither reticence nor cowardice are accepted as traveling companions in my journey through life.

Hence, My Dear Jim, I so often remind You that your sharing of life with me makes my life far richer. I do love You, My Friend.

Silvia said...

Dad you're just wonderful! So welcome to Samantha in our BIG Family!

Hugs to Dav and Heather!

lime said...

so glad you both had a chance to enjoy that time together but share it as well.

John-Michael said...

I forwarded your Hugs on to Dav and Heather, as requested, my Darling Silvia.

It is a wonderful thing to have my precious Daughter join me in welcoming a new Friend to our Family Circle of kinship in Spirit. You have made the experience even richer!

Kisses and endless Love to You, My Precious ...

John-Michael said...

Your treasured Presence enhances and makes fuller every element of life, my Darling Lime. I am so grateful for your accompaniment in my world.

Lovingly ...

Nishant said...

we readers - get to enjoy it, too. Truly lovely.
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