Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gulf and Shore

The Gulf of Mexico … the Florida shore

Two Dancers, well acquainted and Familiar

Choreographed by forces neither seen nor named

Repeating their to-and-fro’s in rhythmic perfection

Moving to Life’s pulse … that knows no hurry

My whole Being falls into step with their metronomic sway

Inhale, exhale … to their surge, retreat

The tiniest bubbles, of foam, form on the sands

And now flow, in intimate recognition, from my eyes

16 March 2010


Suldog said...

Some of my fondest early memories are of enjoying the Gulf while on vacation with my grandparents. Lovely.

John-Michael said...

When introduced (by the Marine Corps) to the waters of the Atlantic ... my shock (physically AND mentally) to its icy and inhospitable power, was overwhelming. I was so spoiled by my 'Home Surf!' I had an IMMEDIATE added appreciation of the Gulf's warm, gently caressing flows.

To know that You, my Dear SulDog Friend, have fond memories of my 'Home Surf' gives me a smile of familial sharing.

Lovin' Ya Jim ...

lime said...

i've only seen the gulf twice but what i most enjoyed was being able to watch a sunset over it.

Nishant said...

enjoying the Gulf while on vacation with my grandparents. Lovely.
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John-Michael said...

I am enjoying the Imagining of our sharing one of my very favorite (perhaps even my most favorite) spots.

There is (atop one of the hotels on St. Petersburg Beach) a restaurant that revolves once each hour. From there, we enjoy an unobstructed view of the setting of the sun on the Gulf ... then the lighting of the communities all along the beach for as far as the Eye can see. It is quite magical!

That, Dearest Lime, is an Imagining well worth lingering with! [smile]

Lovingly ...

John-Michael said...

I must serve Notice, Dear Nishant, that (while guardedly appreciated) I am a bit suspectful of your 'comment.'

We'll see ...

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