Saturday, March 13, 2010

Transcendental Image

I hear the cry of that delicate Voice within

Its tender entreaty to allow just a fleeting Moment
A soft sigh of Desire wanting recognition

Over the mean growling of a worn body’s pains
In spite of insistent stiffness and stumbling lack of grace
A Presence of balletic freedom and gymnastic flight
Takes hold of my Awareness and transports my Being

I am beside that enchanting little Brook
Hearing the busy giggles and snickers issued by gurgling waters
Inhaling all that tells of Promise and Hope
In the delicious freshness of the air

Lounging in tender grasses that know only this Now
Though their seed understands all Yesterdays
Accompanied by the spontaneity of tiny creatures
Flying and flitting about in response to immediate inclination

And, looking upstream, I allow that the still Pond formed there
Will be a receptive and welcoming Hostess
Receiving me with gentlest caresses and caring comforts

So here am I … canopied by swaying, breathing, playful branches
Absent all that would hold me in discomfort or discouragement
Embracing and delighting in Life’s Gift
Of this Transcendental Image

IMAGE: With my grateful appreciation for the Skills, and Spirit, of Jon Sullivan,


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful image and the rippling sound of a babbling brook can be quite soothing to hear as the
serene beauty of the water and its surroundings bathes you in tranquility. This is a wonderful visualization to help with any type of discomfort and hope that it will infuse you with peace.

John-Michael said...

When I revisited this Image, today, I felt such a stirring within that I simply had to set my impressions to paper. I do hope that this very real expression of all that I sensed does, indeed, bring a sense of Peace and Tranquility to Any who permit it.

I am glad that it pleased You, Dear Carole ... and I am thankful for your letting me know.

Lovingly ...

lime said...

all i can say i, "aaaaahhhhh...."

John-Michael said...

It is, indeed, one of those Places, isn't it, Lime?

I enjoy what it opens in me ...

aims said...

To me there is nothing that eases life's troubles as much as what water can do for my soul.

Thank you once again JM for reminding me of this. Knowing that that dock is across the road from you and you can go and sit and watch the evening sun going down and listen to the birds heading home and the plop of fish as they come to the surface for a much life lives happily beneath the surface of life giving water.

John-Michael said...

In a quest for some fresh sun-rise images, I found myself sitting on the grassy bank of Lake Platt, a few days ago. Only a short walk from my Cottage, I have always (since early youth) liked this little body of water.

The sun-rise started to show hints of a heavily overcast beginning ... not much of a photo opportunity.

But that was compensated for by the feeding work of a Bass that swam in water so shallow that its dorsal fin was frequently exposed. I watched for a long while as it worked its way back and forth across the shallows at Lakes edge. So peacefully mesmerizing!

You are SO right, Dearest Aims ... your "To me there is nothing that eases life's troubles as much as what water can do for my soul." says it perfectly.

Lovingly ...

@reallyjm said...

hello John-Michael,
Thank you for dropping by my new blog =) and for sending me a note. It's good to 'see' you again. What a beautiful poem.
You also have a beautiful photo of Jen Ballentyne. A few days before she passed, I found out that my best friend was diagnosed w/ stage 3 breast cancer. This is painful for me. I too wonder about my health sometimes, right now. I hope and pray for the best! And for you too.

God bless.
***Jeannie a.k.a. dreamerjean

Suldog said...

I would so love to be at that spot right now. I fairly ache to be sitting there, in the quiet, a bit warm, perhaps a drone of some small insects, light ripple of the water, bit muggy (but not too much so), and maybe a sandwich and a cool drink.


John-Michael said...

Oh Jeannie! ... You have touched me at several levels of caring ... simultaneously.

Jen became as dear to me as anyone in my life has ever been. I was so overcome with grief at her passing that I have been unable to address it directly. Her place as a Significant influence in my life is something that I hope that I have reflected in the photo of her on the blog.

Now ... You Dear One ... I am stilled and saddened at the prospect of any element of harm, pain, discomfort, or pain being visited upon you in any way. I know that You have fought battles and faced threats before ... but "Enough Already!" I shout at Life. I want peaceful, tranquil, and comfortable Joy for You.

I love all that You so beautifully are ...

John-Michael said...

Delighted at the prospect of bringing You some of what You have so perfectly described, Dear SulDog Friend, I thank You for sharing in this Moment with me.

Loving You Jim ...

Nishant said...

This is a wonderful visualization to help with any type of discomfort and hope that it will infuse you with peace.
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