Friday, March 26, 2010

Scenic Overlook

There are, along the way, places set
aside… not destinations in and of
themselves, but places for pulling over;
taking a respite from the pace of the
journey; and reflecting, in the
momentary interlude, on the majesty,
grandeur, and all-encompassing scope
of where we have been ... are now ...
and are going.

These oases are dubbed
“Scenic Overlook” by the signposts
announcing their proximity and
availability. While taking advantage
of them the traveler is afforded the
opportunity to survey his place in
the scheme and 'landscape' of his world, as it is, at that moment.

I realize that I am a “Scenic Overlook”
in the life journey of many, whose
paths have been directed my way.

I am not registered on their itinerary
nor am I considered as one of those
places of note when they recount
their travels to others. But I, when
utilized, present, to them, a new
perspective on their pilgrimage ...
provide new appreciation for their
past ... make available a fresh awareness of their present ...
and project hitherto
unknown possibilities for their futures.

This is my ministry… my calling…
my gift to the world that I am allowed
to embrace.

IMAGES: Through the gracious courtesy of Ian Britton,


lime said...

ah but you are more than a mere scenic overlook to many as well.

Nishant said...

what a lovey blog
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John-Michael said...

Dear Nishant, you have blessed my Being. I thank You!

Namaste ...

John-Michael said...

I would very much like to know that I am become a Destination of choice ... a Place of intended election and happy anticipation. This would be the ultimate Satisfaction for me. To rest in the unwavering awareness that I am welcomed and embraced as an intimate Companion, to a discriminating Few, who are comfortable with my sharing of their life.

I relish the Gift that is our marvelous Friendship, my Dearest Lime ... for I delight in its fulfillment of all that I have here described.

Lovingly ...

Helena said...

Ooo never thought of myself like that. Though I do like the saying that we are each a part of everyone we ever met. (Was that Mark Twain?)

Anyway.... I love to pull over at little places like in your photo's. SOmetimes we go for a drive or a walk/cycle JUST to see the pulling-over places. Go around, looking, then get home and put our feet up and talk about the places we saw. Ooo I am longing for summer!

John-Michael said...

Perhaps, Dearest Helena the illustrated "Pull Over Place" isn't too far for You to enjoy. I haven't, of course, any inkling of an idea as to where, in the UK, You are ... but the scenes shown in this bit of reflection, are from Chesil Beach, as seen from near Abbotsbury, Dorset.

'Tis a lovely thing, this sharing of our Selves, and the lovely Gifts given us by Life ... don't You think?!

Lovingly ...

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