Sunday, September 05, 2010

Common Gifts

Allowing a few silent moments, with this image,
made me feel good.

Peace and stillness are present here.

One, delicate and easily called “fine” …
the other, sturdy, charmingly "homey,"
and purposefully useful …

They find kinship and harmony
in their unassuming absence of pretense.

Each welcomes me in its own, individual, way.

And I am comfortable with whiling away
unmeasured time with them.

How I do adore such simple,
yet elegant, 'Friends'!

IMAGE through the generous courtesy of Ian Britton,


Betsy said...

Oh, this is perfect! I love the difference you described in the tea pot and the different yet so wonderful together!

There's nothing like enjoying a simple hot cup of tea or coffee, is there? It truly is the simple things that bring the most pleasure.

John-Michael said...

Treasures! All about us. Awaiting our recognition ... and celebratory enjoyment. I am so glad that you have joined me in my celebration of these, Dear Betsy.

Lovingly ...

nitebyrd said...

This is so lovely, John-Michael! With all that goes on in our lives, to be able to enjoy a quiet moment with a friend is such a pleasure. Thanks for the reminder!

John-Michael said...

I am so determined tune out all of the discord and conflict that surrounds us ... and to focus on and appreciate those gifts that are right at hand, my dear NiteByrd, that your reception of this perspective is a joy to my Spirit. Thank you Sweetheart!

Loving you ...

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