Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life’s Swaddling Care

If she were to enfold me in her tender embrace,
surely ‘twould be with the delicate softness
of a Bluebell Wood.

I could blissfully entertain the prospect of an eternal respite
cradled in the welcoming undulations of her bosom.

My senses are put at ease as I turn loose
all of yesterday’s vexations.

And happily allow Life to nurture me
in her swaddling care.

IMAGE courtesy of BBC News


nitebyrd said...

Wouldn't that be just wonderful? To feel peace and protection. *sigh*

John-Michael said...

Your Presence gives the same Gift, my darling NiteByrd Friend! Truly!

Loving you ...

Betsy said...

blue is my favorite color!

John-Michael said...

Well then ... my Dear Friend ... I have just sent 2 of my favorite photos to you via Email. I hope that you enjoy all of the brilliant blue that they are saturated with Betsy. [big smile]

Lovingly ...

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