Sunday, September 05, 2010

Where Whispers Forever Dwell

Off to that Place where whispers forever dwell,

Drift the mists of all that I feel and desire …

Part, now, of the forces of Foreverness.

Only to be mingled with all that has been sensed before,

And swept back, once more, through me.

To be reknown … and relived.


05 August 2010

IMAGE through the generous courtesy of Ian Britton,


Betsy said...

Mmm..nice! The only thin missing while looking at that photo is to hear the waves and feel the breeze. It does have an immediate, calming effect, doesn't it? And you beautiful words accompany it so well! :)

John-Michael said...

Just a moment ... a still, silent allowance for all of the "stuff" to be rinsed by those waves, and carried by those breezes ... away. Then, refreshed, more ready to ease the Stuff along ... a bit lighter and less chafing with the renewal. This is what I would hope that you might find in a moment invested in this reflection, Dear Betsy.

Lovingly ...

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