Friday, April 13, 2007

The Dating Site

In response to the inquiries into my experience (to date) with the “dating site” I can only say… “If you want to take a genuine and objective look at who you are in the eyes of your world… subscribe to a dating service.” Oh, my gracious! What a slam-dunk into a barrel of ice-cold “reality water”

I can see how those who have no concept of themselves, as a defined and delineated individual, could get a case of “chameleon cramps” as they change colors and patterns to accommodate the stated desires and preferences of individuals to whom they are attracted. But, as one who has a crystal-clear knowledge of, and respect for his Self-hood… this exercise is one of stark and alienating confrontation with a world marching to a beat foreign to my own rhythm. Only because of my recognition of, and comfort with, the diversity of humanity’s conglomeration of personalities and differing temperament types, can I maintain a sense of sanity and yes, even humor with my own set of individual yearnings, desires, inclinations, and tastes as set in comparison to the sampling of the world as involved in the “dating game.”

I have come to the momentary conclusion that I am, presently, ill-suited for any Other. My “on the edge of poverty” economic status places me at a distinct disadvantage when holding myself to the mirror of what is desired by those seeking a mate, companion, or friend. I am fully aware that I am only “on the edge” of functional poverty because of my adoption of a life-style and methods of daily function that compliment my meager means. Means that are substantially below the ’poverty level’ (as defined by governmental standards). Thus, I have ’enjoyed’ (he says with metaphorical tongue firmly in metaphorical cheek) setting myself on the scales of popular measure and taking a “real world” measurement of my “weight” in this world in which I live.

Thankfully… I am at peace with and have complete respect for my elections and the choices that have me where I am… and as who I am. I am wealthy in the riches of the dearest of Friends that anyone could ever hope or dream to have. I am showered with the blessings of beauty in the treasures of art, music, and ideas as reflected back to you, My Dear Reader, through images and messages that I share with you. And I bask in the immeasurable “returns on investment” realized through the lives in whom Life honors me with opportunities to have a (sometimes fleeting… sometimes lasting) touch. Who could possibly be richer? What wealth could be greater?

If there exists some soul to whom I would be irresistibly attracted and in whom there might be a spirit of respectful accommodation toward my personal commitments to Life, the needs of Others who Life brings my way, and the environment in which my soul functions… I will rejoice and celebrate with unbounded investment of all that I am (for all that I have would be far too little to consider.) If only Life deems it timely to bring that unique One into the realm of my awareness. “Hope springs eternal in the breast of man.”

In the meanwhile, I am meeting and having the genuine joy of offering myself… as I am… and who I am… to an entirely new set of delightful people. This is an absolutely Good Thing!

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ejluvtolaugh said...

That in itself should be what you state on any dating sight!
This is what unconditional love is all about! Home IS where the heart is! And that home has the most riches this world could ever offer. This brings up that old saying: I could be happy living in a hut as long as I had this kind of love from a man. Take me as I am. Good Going!!

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