Monday, April 02, 2007

Revisiting a San Antonio Lunch

Since very early this morning, this moment has been on my mind. No... I don't know why... nor do I question it. As those of you who read me with some regularity know well, I simply pay heed to that Muse speaking to my spirit... and I respond.

Therefore, for that One for whom this moment from my past will have some significance and/or purpose... I am at your service... enjoy!

A refuge… A safe harbour… A respite from all that threatens without… My Friend… My Companion… What a blessing to find, in our moments together, if not renewal… at least a lull in the never-ceasing demands on our limited resources.

A smile, however weak, still ministers… Some silliness that means absolutely nothing… An uncomplicated touch… A pat – or two… A silent “it’s OK” given in the freedom of non-commitment… All elements of a survival dialogue between two minds in harmony.

Observations, reflections, spontaneous and unconnected thoughts… All can be shared without need for explanation… And even if volumes of overstated explanation do ensue… that too is endured generously.

Such is friendship…Thus was our gathering today (if two can constitute a gathering)… Where tenderly and almost imperceptibly we shared the same space but did not take any away from each other… Yes - we are there for one another… No – we don’t have to do or be anything beyond ourselves to make it so.

John-Michael/ (originally penned 21 September 1989

The house-turned-restaurant, where that moment was enjoyed, was either removed or closed up (I can't remember which... I only recall sadness that it was not as it had been) the last time that I was in San Antonio, Florida (a small community Northeast of where I live.) So, as you can see, I went through an assortment of bed and breakfast images and chose one as close as possible to the one where we shared the last lunch that we ever had together. And I made this record of that time together because it is an incredible thing to have someone that you can just simply "BE" with.

IMAGE: Elkader Bed and Breakfast

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