Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"There's Still Romance in the Sixties"

When a poet sings the song of my heart's yearning... I can but bow in gratitude... and share its beauty with you. Hence, with thanks to John Keefe, I offer his "There's Still Romance in the Sixties".

With you beside me it is Spring for ever.

Blooming small white flowers…
velvet-soft in first warm sun;
purple and blue carpets of violets and bluebells.

No more winter with its icy winds…
its damp-cold snow and dismal rain.

With you beside me it is Spring for ever.

First warm earth-days of a new season.

An old sweater’s warmth, while sitting on the stump
of a once proud oak tree…
watching the tiny birds flit into budding branches overhead.

Wood creatures bustle about refreshing their minds, after a long winter’s watch.

With you beside me it is Spring for ever.

Out of the cold life of a wintertime and into young-time.

Like the trees I feel a budding and tingle… as the life giving juices seep through my body.

I raise my arms like tree branches to the sun, and give thanks for you beside me.

With you beside me it is Spring for ever.

With you beside me it is winter no more; it is Spring, then summer and then autumn… and for the next winter I’ll have your Spring charm, your Spring warmth, Your Spring flowering, your Spring loveliness to blanket me.

With you beside me it will be Spring for ever and ever and ever.

IMAGES (Upper to Lower), Susan Mander, Tim Burgess, Gill Edwards, Elinor Teele; all are viewers of BBC News

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