Friday, April 27, 2007

Life's Ultimate Challenge

Our ultimate challenge in life is not... to establish the priority or dominance of either...

our Idealist Spiritual Self or our Rational Physical Self... over the other.

But rather... to reconcile or bring into a harmonious balance... the Two.


carol said...

Taking Life's Ultimate Challenge a bit further. . . .
Our ultimate challenge in life is to (learn to) give and receive "one-hundred-percent" love.

100% love is not a power struggle of dominance and control. It is instead the honoring and acceptance of the other without controlling. This is the heart of friendship.

Balance in a relationship is necessary for 100% love to thrive, and requires two people who believe in 100% love (idealists) and who are strong minded (will commit) and who have chosen wisely by using their rational mind and powers of observation to find someone who is not an addict,wife-beater, cheater, dead-beat, or in any way fatally flawed so that s/he will eventually preclude 100% love (it is balanced) because s/he cannot give back.

To achieve balance, you need to start with knowing yourself, finding the extremes of feelings and thoughts within, acknowledging them and moderating them by choosing to let go of those which are not helpful (i.e. fear, hatred, shame, jealousy, resentment, etc).

At that time when you truly know, accept,love and honor yourself, and are willing to (first) be happy alone, you will be ready for the tasks required of 100% love, being happy with another flawed, wonderful, very human friend.
Goodspeed to us all.

Sharon said...

Your timing is impeccable, as always.

John-Michael said...

Life's Muses know when to nudge me... for You. I am glad that I listened... thank you for telling me!

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