Tuesday, April 03, 2007


“Enough!” she said, “Enough of dreaming… time to be about the things, the details of life. Dream no more.”

“No! And, again, no!” I replied. For I know that there can never be enough of Dreaming. Life cannot be known in the absence of dreams… only endured.

Can my soul have enough of Music’s sustenance… or my mind enough of stimulation through the Imagined? Never!

Will we grow together as One if some measure of Intimacy is ever thought to be enough… or thrive in an unsatisfied hunger born of some claim of enough Adoration? Impossible!

As surely as the heart requires the supply of its blood… a Life worth living demands its Adoration, Intimacies, Imaginings, Music, and, forever and always… its Dreams.

(03 April 07)


Denise said...

I always daydream and meditate and thoroughly recommend it.... life would be just too boring otherwise.... have a wonderful easter break

love and light
Denise xx

John-Michael said...

To visualize (through 'dreams' and meditation) is to generate the foundation for accomplishment in performance. The evidence for this truth is monumental in its depth and scope. You are 'sowing the seeds' for your life's future 'harvests' by your practice.

As to a wonderful break... You, My Dear Friend, are a delightful element of the wonder in my life!

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