Monday, April 20, 2009

a Blade of Grass

‘Tis but a Blade of Grass.
But, since my earliest childhood, I have found beauty in it.
I know not why I am revisited, today, with recollections
of youthful hours spent in its comfortable gentleness.
I am quite satisfied to only accept the sensations.

These recalled feelings are Life’s Gift to Me.
I needn’t bring anything to it,
only dwell in this wave of relived awareness.
And it is alive … this experience of refreshed Perceptions.
I know quietude and tranquility in it.

I do not want to know the source of these pleasures.
For, this simple Blade of Grass induces the desire
to stop seeking understanding; to cease calculating;
To simply surrender to its uncomplicated presence …
And just Be … in the welcoming serenity of this Moment.

Ah! That’s it! The simplicity of boyhood.
When the sun warmed and lulled my Being.
When I was one, with all of Creation.
That time in which I knew no fears; when all of life
was uncomplicated, and as easy … as a Blade of Grass.

I thank You, My Dear Friend,
for sharing this Moment with Me.


Linda Pendleton said...

Life once seemed so simple, in the moment, with the promise of more to come.

Calli said...

Oh this is sweet, and as always touches upon my current thoughts which have been of 'contemplation'...and this reminds me to just be...nothing more...nothing less!

I love this line:
"I do not want to know the source of these pleasures." ~ Well said!

A joy as always, dear John Michael!

lime said...

ah simplicity. forgive me, i want to pluck a blade, hold it between my thumbs and whistle through it. ;)

Suldog said...

Nothing like simplicity to make us aware of the unimaginable complexity of this wonderful existence. Lovely.

Classic Charm said...

This is beautiful. Nuff said.

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