Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fun, "Feel Good Friday"

Just kick back and brace yourself for four minutes of unbridled "Feel Good!"

More than 200 dancers performed a specially directed version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. It is reported that there were only two rehearsals for this wonderful stunt.

Enjoy it with me and know that I send all of my Heart's loving hopes for your happiest Friday, and weekend.

With my adoring "Thank You Sweetheart!" to Heather


Suza said...

That was the best! What terrific fun and so perfect for a Friday.

I love when they focus on some of the individual reactions of those passing by, and then on those who throw themselves wholeheartedly into the fray.

My toes are still a-tappin' and my grin is still a-grinnin'!!

lime said...

ah, my girl showed me this a couple of days ago. how much fun would it have been to stand in that station. i just love the way the looks of utter bewilderment give way to huge grins and people dancing along.

Suldog said...

Yes, was shown this - somewhere else - by a colleague at work. Fun stuff, isn't it?

nitebyrd said...

I have this on my blog,too. It's something that just makes you feel good, isn't it? What a joy!

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