Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Bounds

Yet another reflexive response to one of Jon Sullivan's wonderful works ...

“Where does it end?”
“Tell me … show me the limits … that I may prepare.”
To these concerns I can tell you, My Love.
There is no end

Go ahead … look to your left … and your right …
Gaze, to the limits of your vision, into the heavens above.
And you will still find … beyond every horizon …
Past all of the clouds, stars, moons, and vapors …
That my love for you knows no bounds.

So rest, My Dear, and be at comfort.
Take refuge in the steadfastness of my devotion.
Fear no circumstance … be anxious for no happening.
For my adoration rests on neither whimsy nor fanciful chance.
But is cemented in my simple election to give, to you … Me.

IMAGE through the union of generosity and talent in Jon Sullivan,

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Marcy said...

Darling Michael, makes me think of the movie "NeverEnding Story" - where the land of Fantasia (men's dreams) was falling prey to the Nothing. It is paintings like this that awaken the dreams, the no-boundaries, the visions that can produce endless fruit to change the world. . . Ah!

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